Money Masters -TThe history of finance in America

Yes, this video IS 13 years old, eventually the reality came around like the experts said it would, just like it always does. Sometimes it's brought on initially by some scandal (S&L, Enron,, derivatives..), but is always the result of manipulation by those who valuate our money, our stocks, our jobs, our interest rates and our credit scores. For the last 2 years, all of the "financial gurus" said keep investing, and now look at the market (3/09) - now the extremely rich can buy stocks and companies at a bargain. Any time you allow someone to lend money while requiring only 10% of it as a reserve (to back it up), it's dangerous. What happens when all bets are called, and there's only resources worth 10% of all of the debt backing up the money? And also, who do you think owns the "liberal media"? 5 corporations worldwide own almost all of the mainstream media, and the person in control of the one that owns uberpatriotic Fox News is an Australian, where many republicans get all of their views and news.


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