Ex-BBC Journalist Tony Gosling on Alex Jones Tv (HD) 1/3:A Closer Look at The Bilderberg Group

Alex talks with ex-BBC radio journalist turned Bilderberg researcher, Tony Gosling.

what can we say. This is hot information on the Bilderbergs and the Post Nazi era history that is the covert secret forces that control the finances from Europe and the world. Alex Jones does a fine job in this interview.


  1. Davis Imperatore

    Alex Jones is an opportunist and propagandist trouble maker that think he’s important with his paranoid delusions of conspiracies. Calling him crazy would be an understatement, criminal would be more accurate. People like Jones have no answers to the world’s needs other then keeping us in a state of fear and division with gloom and doom. The goals of the Bilderberg Group is to unite the people of the world and to free us all from the failed nationalistic thinking of the past. It’s been the nationalistic fragmentation of the past that has lead to every conflict the world has endured. When there is a lack of unity there will be conflict. Achieving a united world will be the greatest step humanity takes since walking upright. In a United World with one government on this one planet the potential prosperity will be limitless for thousands of year. Anyone that finds Jones’s crap worthy of anything more than a foul stink has no problem eating his shit, bon’ appetite.

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