A CIA Agent Leaks FEMA Camps Intel.

"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power." -Benito Mussolini

The Rex 84 Program was initially established as a way to deal with a mass exodus of illegal aliens crossing the Mexican/US border, they would be quickly rounded up and detained in detention centers by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). Rex 84 allowed many military bases to be closed down and to be turned into prisons.

Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot are the two sub programs which will be implemented once the Rex 84 program is initiated for its proper purpose. Garden Plot is the program to control the population. Cable Splicer is the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government. FEMA is the executive arm of the coming police state and thus will head up all operations. The Presidential Executive Orders already listed on the Federal Register also are part of the legal framework for this operation.


  1. carl melanson

    If you look on the back of certain books, you’ll see a triangle and/or the three letters EAN. If you look it up, EAN stands for European Article Numbering, but in reality, if you make the connection from book to book, you’ll know that these symbols are only on the back of books written or translated by Jews. Also, if you read the books, some have coded messages. For example, in fingerprints of the gods, written by Graham Hancock, a Jew, on page 495, it talks about maintaining the essence of a cult, “like the Jews awaiting their messiah.” It also talks about highly “initiated” members of society who know of ancients secrets, carrying it forward in time until they are ready to declare themselves. Freemasons and Jews are in cahoots to establish a NWO. In the God Effect by Brian Clegg, a Jew, he uses a code word “DADDY” in reference to Sylvia Plath’s poem about the Jews in concentration camps. From book to book, you can decode this message and figure out what they are planning. I just hope these camps are for the Jews, not the rest of us.

  2. Witnesser

    All you folks running around chasing various conspiracies, ought to observe almost all large (incorporated) businesses, especially global publicly traded ones (whose ONLY reason to exist is to amass profits, that benefit shareholders, but give immense power to “class A” owners/controllers), and ALL political movements, plus ideology movements and main media, all are guided by conspiracies (to throw off the others.) A closer study shows most are wheels around a central wheel – the very Brood of Satan in Scripture! Gen 3:15, John 8 & 10
    Call on the LORD and don’t fret over cmaps, etc.

    And as Edward Bernays said (in “Propaganda” his 1920s book): in a democracy the government is NOT run by those who appear to run it. (Elected leaders are only “allowed” to rise via media/money approval, with prior “education” of our kids.)
    Here we are over 80 years later in their controlled regimes!
    (The “Gospel” =Good News is that Jesus returns in his Day of Vengeance to crush all other regimes! I Cor 15:24-25,Rev 19)

    And note in a global democracy, we (European/Christians) are a minority, to be disempowered/liquidated by masses directed by top Controllers. Look at S Africa as a model of the world in miniature: it got engineered to kill whites! //afrikaner-genocid-achives.blogspot.com or search “Afrikaner Genocide” or “South Africa sucks” etc. {Few realize that South Africa produced nukes, working with Israel who made off with them.}

    One Boer (S African) site fighting back now shows an English essay on US “republic” roots deeply infected by Masonry and Rothschild control.(Versus what? God’s Law and plans for us.)
    See http://www.afrikanervolksparty.org (look for Masonry essay) And get “Adam Weishaup: A Human Devil” by Winrod on this agent of Rothschilds who infeccted Freemasonry, also “Proofs of a Conspiracy” on Illuminati (1798, reprinted 1970) by Robison.

    Actually the whole scenario was predicted long ago, because God punishes his (white Adamic) children for failure to obey him! (Jer 12:7-12) He punishes us by giving us our “freedom” to obey him, or not (and suffer consequences!). Eventually he’ll save us, once we get the picture: Obey Godlaw. Give his signs! (Original Sabbaths, says Ezekile 20:12 & 20) In this Last Time, get out of “Babylon” (Rev 18) = manmade law and usury money, pushed by consumerism. Jesus returns with a sword! (Mat 10:34-38) We’ll destroy enemies (Luke 19:27), so meek churching is false! (Yes “Meek” will inherit Earth: the word means oppressed – downtrodden Adamic children of God, suffering since we disobey Godlaw, until we change and obey, getting empowered to crush enemies. Until then we’ll fall more and more, predicts Deuteronomy 28. Read this warning!

    Study Scripture logically. IT doesn’t contradict science facts (that pre-Adamic humans existed, being “living” over whom “man has dominion – “man” literally is Adam, made in the image of God, unlike others. Gen 1:26-28. A “day” yowm is an arbitrary long time span, as 147 yrs in Gen 47:28 where the KJV translates it as an “age.” Alsways solve for identities, and trace lineages, and always ask who is being addressed in any Bible quote. Different folks are different!
    (Some are blessed, some cursed. “Jews” did not appear until rather late (2 Kings 16) and John Hyrcanus defeated Edomites making them become “Jews” around 126 BC. (Herod was one!) So many things are NOT valid in commercial churching! Indeed, we are to be Ambassadors of Jesus (2 Cor 5:20) – his Kingdom versus manmade law regimes now engineered as our enemy. Most commercialists register with humanist regimes. Dump them!

    We really need to form separating communities. (Silver is a valid unit of value in trading, but don’t worship silver, and don;t loan it tou our folks at interest! Lev 25:44+.)
    We need to form our own trade network, our of Babylon.

  3. Wisemanlink

    Yes, we need to form our own trade netowrk, out of “babylon” being systems of manmade laws and gods – such as belief in the religion of democracy to make any laws in USA, laws increasingly contrary to what God’s Laws have us do. The Lord (Father, YHWH) is the Lawmaker, says Isaiah 33:22. His Law is perfect, informs Psalm 19:7. Jesus told us to keep these laws even little parts, in Mat 5:17-19, to be called great in his coming Kingdom. The opposite is obeying manmade law, which is babylon. It includes manmade “church” laws such as the pagan Roman calendar and its holidays and Sunday rest (versus original Sabbath on Saturday – a sign we follow God, says Ezek 20:12-20.) It’s like a signal we give God! Do it!

    And this law of Jesus is a light burdern/yoke (Mat 11:29-20) compared with what manmade “lawmakers” will do to you! See?

    Remember the rebel leaders like Washngton were not Bible wise conforming Christians, but Freemasons. Freemasonry had been infected with humanist concepts by folks like Adam Weishaupt (a Rothschild agent) -see “Adam Weishaupt: a Human Devil” by Grindrod, or reports on the whole Illuminati conspiracy, like “PRoofs of a Conspiracy” by Robison, 1798, reprinted 1970

    Our people have a God-given right to pull out of secular regimes. (We’re to “get out of Babylon” is Rev 18’s theme!)
    The South should have been free to leave Washington’s regime.
    The Branch Davidians should have been free to carry on their community in Waco, TX. In both case evil humanists opposed them. They were too early to really pull out; Second Advnt was still long in the future. Now is different!

    So before you “secede,” study to know the new name Jesus will have at his return. (Rev 3:12) THE NAME is powerful. (John 14:14, Mat 18:18-20 & 16:15-19. In the long run no manmade regime will stop it, because thy’ll be replaced worldwide! This from obove, in Zech 14:9.

    The irony is that this is God’s Orders, which empower us, yet our people seek other “religion” and nostrums, like politics. What does it take to wake up our folks, and get them moving?

    Don’t sit and worry about govt camps, build our communities outside the secular money/law system and its major cities that will collapse when the global core “Babylon” city is suddenly destroyed (as in Rev 18); see failure of our other cities in Rev 16:19 in conjunction with big Babylon’s end.
    You can see from Rev 18 the big one is global center of trade and banking and govt; it’s the greatest port for goods even luxuries. Clearly New York City seems a good fit; Rev 16:19 says it’s divided in three parts (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens on Long Island, then Staaten Is, and Manhattan.) Clealry places like Washington DC and Los Angeles media are mega-subordinate cities. Be far from these! And others. I saw a list of 40 US cities from a website on getting out of Babylon and living by Bible Laws. http://www.kingdomzoners.webs (dot com? or org?)

  4. Chatterboxershorts

    Why not just “raid” some of these “camps” and show what is there on news networks. Raid with local Congressmen who don’t like what is in the neighborhood! Surely some can get to feel upset. By exposing stuff they’d gain voters!

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