What is the illuminati conspiracy theory?

illuminati conspiracy

I heard it in an immortal technique song. Don't know what to believe with that guy, he's extremely paranoid...
Emperer S: My grandfather is a freemason, and all it is is a big club. They go to meatings and get letters and stuff, but nothing ever really happens. Was it different before he joined or something?


  1. Emperor S

    It was first started by Adam Weishaupt as a way to control the world through Satanic means. That was later broken up and then it began to be connected with the secret society of the freemasons. These men spread all over Europe, later to U.S. – which is why there is a Freemason lodge in almost every state -.which led to many conspiracy theories about them controlling the Western world truly. They trace their history back to Egypt and believe themselves to be the continuity of the Knights Templar.

    The Freemasons and other societies such as the Skull and Bones are all societies that some of your most famous and successful people are a part of. From George Washington to George Bush Jr., all were or are a part of it, the conspiracist would say. Due to this line, people believe that the presidents are specially chosen such as George Bush Sr. who Regean did not like at first and publicly said, “He would never work with Bush” only later to have him as his VP.

    According to Conspiracy theories, they control the world. Every war is strategically planned such as the Iraq war, which could’ve been done not for Saddam, but for the oil fields in north Baghdad. The 9/11, they believe it to be a conspiracy, b/c it gave the U.S. a reason to increase security (hence Big Brother), and give a reason to go to war. Also, they believe that these “demonic beings” are paving the way for the Antichrist. Heck, they even believe there is a bloodline and believe that John Kerry and Bush are somewhat related.

    Look at a a one dollar bill and you’ll see Latin on the back, “Bringing in the New World Order.” If you notice the symbol, the pyramid with the top with an eye higher than the rest of pyramid, symbolizes the illuminati power as the illuminati symbol was a candlelight. This pyramid is a symbol that say the floating top is higher in knowledge and power than the pyramid itself.

    Look up Skull and Bones and you will see how many successful men come up after graduating from Yale, I believe.

  2. emeraldblonde5

    The Illuminati.
    illuminati means “enlightened ones” in Latin. Basically today however when you are talking about the illuminati you are referring to the Bavarian Illuminati, whose main goal is to destroy national identities of countries and the Catholic Church, and eventually to establish the New World Order.

    The members fo this secret society are highly dangerous because it is said that the members will go to extreme measures to accomplish their goals. Whether it be through terrorism, blackmail, and hate crimes. They will become more violent in their goal for the New World Order.

  3. jplatt39

    Adam Weishaupt really existed. He was apparently a Bavarian Philosopher whose views were as extreme as that other German Philosopher, Karl Marx. Like the Black Panthers, he was also trained, apparently, by the Jesuits (Who ran into trouble about that time, but whose influence on him –like their influence on for example Huey Newton or Angela Davis was to turn them into formidable scholars).

    According to the Wikipedia (which will sometimes use some suspect records and this may be one) he founded a radically rationalist order called the Illuminati and died in exile in either 1811 or1830. The early 19th Century was a time when the Aristocracy was promoting absolutism, and as the century progressed there was considerable propaganda linking, for example, Freemasons with totalitarian anti-monarchial activity (many of course were anti-monarchial: while the influence of Freemasonry on America’s government is more subtle than people realize most of the Founding Fathers were members — but not all Freemasons were even anti-monarchial — it was more a social and philosophical than political organization) or more notoriously, the Jews with the murder of Christian Children in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (which was apparently forged by Czarist spies in Post-Enlightenment Russia). You can almost say the Bavarian Illuminati set themselves up for the sort of propaganda which there were many many people willing to propagate until World War I made their beloved regimes too expensive to maintain.

    The New World Order, of course, was a phrase that Bush Sr. used and became the focus of all the ugly old conspiracy theories that the Kaisars and Tsars had promoted in part because Bush Sr. had been CIA. The problem with tarring them with any one brush (except recently, is that for example other Notable CIA agents have included Julia Childs, Moe Berg, at least one Liberal Supreme Court Justice, Valerie Plame, Philip Agee and the only way to deal with them as a cohesive political group is to adopt a point of view so far to the right as to be fairly called fascist.

    Aleister Crowley, who was himself something of a confidence man, appropriated all these tales of this evil lodge of conspirators as part of his efforts to lend credibility and venerability to the teachings he had taken from the Order of the Golden Dawn. This of course led to new interest, not so much in Weishaupt himself but in the lies about him, and comic writer/editor and influence on the Neo-Pagan movement Robin Anton Wilson chose to feature Weishaupt and the Illuminati in his trilogies Illuminatus (written with Robert Shea) and the Historical Illuminatus trilogy as enlightened beings.

    As I said, though, most of what we hear about them these days is from people who claim to be progressives but buy the old Absolutist propaganda. I would not take it as seriously as I would that people are saying this.

  4. Akir

    I don’t think Technique actually believes the Illuminati exists. It’s more of a metaphor, that certain people on the globe hold the world in their hands and are extremely powerful. The reason I think this is Technique is not so stupid he would actually believe Bin Laden, Bush, etc. would get together and have a meeting or something.

    In Bin Laden, the song, he is saying Bush knocked down the towers as a metaphor. His actions lead to the destruction of the towers.

  5. shish

    lots of books about, here are some great films, ive got tonnes, bit torrent is great. download the program then go to and search for
    (in order of descending greatness)
    zeitgeist (no introductory film better than this one)
    ring of power (5 hours long, good!)
    Aerosol Crimes (aka Chemtrails)
    Freeman Perspective – Corporate Logos and Freemasonry
    haarp, holes in heaven
    the flouride deception
    magical egypt (8 1hour series)
    loose change
    endgame (but i dont like alex jones, hes a fear mongerer and im suspicious)


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