1. Jacque-Ophph

    I have a close relative who is a Freemason. These groups are very, very secretive. As a result, a lot of myth abounds about them.

    For example, I have heard suggestions that the Masons, the Shriners, and the Illuminati are satanic. I don’t think that is necessarily true. However, it is curious that some secret societies make their members take oaths to never reveal the secrets to outsiders.

  2. Tin Machine

    The main difference between the Illuminati and Freemasonry is this. The Illuminati was created by one man in Bavaria in 1776. He recruited men around the area and once his true beliefs came to light he was turned into the authorities and exiled. The Illuminati ceased to exists by 1789.
    The Freemasons, the best evidence we have suggest was created in the early middle ages as guilds of stone workers gathered and needed to protect trade secrets.
    Sometime around the middle of the 17th century they began accepting non-stone-workers into their guilds and lodges. Within about 75 years the non-operative Freemasons outnumbered the Operative Masons in the Lodges around London. In 1717 4 lodges got together and resolved to form a Grand Lodge. This was the beginning of Freemasonry we see today. Nothing nefarious. Most speculative or Non-operative Freemasons were freethinkers and gentlemen of the time. The same me responsible for the Royal Society were early accepted Freemasons. They believed that Science and religion could co-exist and that men of different faiths could stand together in peace and harmony to create a better neighborhood, country and world. How? Well by teaching tolerance, Brotherly Love, Truth and Relief. Pretty good things to teach, don’t you think. I would think that we need more of that kind of teaching. Since all we get from the loudmouth “supposed’ religious preachers lately is hate and intolerance.
    Masons are seekers of light, as in knowledge. Sometimes that is secular or scientific knowledge, sometimes it is spiritual. The point is there is always more to learn and better things to emulate then the hate mongering that is going around the world now.
    We need more men to discover the greatness within themselves, to discover Freemasonry. SIT LUX, ET LUX FUIT!

  3. kilroymaster

    They are not secret groups they are groups that have secrets……………. And Both Groups are God fearing Groups.. And they have nothing to do with witchcraft or satan…..

  4. George E

    The freemasons and the illuminati are two of the most secretive organisations in history…Im gona watch this question its a good one dont say its resolved for at least a few days…could get some interesting answers, or some loony ones.

  5. Sovereign

    the illuminati influenced every that happened in europe and the free mason in america I beleive

    and no one would know if they exisist today still though alot of conspiracy theorist beleive they still exist working on a one world goverment

  6. J. R.

    Freemasonry is a fraternity that studies and applies the lessons of morality, chivalry, and honor to their daily lives. All Masons must hold a belief in the fact that there is a Supreme Creator of the universe, however the ways and means by which a Mason may choose to believe in and worship that Creator, and by what specific faith or religion is entirely of his own choosing by the dictates of his own conscious. Masonry supports individual liberties of all men, however has no political motivations or leanings. Freemasonry is not a secret society as there is nothing about the fraternity which cannot be learned by a non-member and very little that we are not willing to discuss.

    The illuminati was a “leftist” political and social reform organization(s) active in the late 1700’s. It was not and is not in any way related to Freemasonry as the two organizations are motivated towards different objectives. No true illuminati group has existed since the early 1800’s. If, and that is if, any NWO motivated organization exists today there is no direct link to the old illuminati groups, but perhaps they share some inspiration of sorts.

  7. DGM

    It is indeed a myth that Free Masonry is a secret society! Instead people should look at it as a Society of secrets, this term should be used very loosely! Their are many Masons around the world who are willing to share the believes and workings of a figurative mason! Morality, allogry and being benavolant are three very important parts of being a mason! Believing in a higher being is a pre requisite, and makes it open to all races, religions etc.

    Until you reach higher levels! This is when it gets complicated. I won’t delve into that, but people in the know would know exactly what I’m talking about! My gran is 1420 years old! Regards

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