How do you know if your a psychic vampire?

psychic vampire

Well. I want to know if I am a psychic vampire. So if anyone knows how to tell if your one. Please tell me.


  1. Vance

    Well you have to be gay. And retarded. And you have to like animals licking your butt. I think that’s the criteria for being a psychic vampire.

  2. stuf'n'nonsence

    easy…..think about biting your own arse then see if you can predict that you will do it. While youre at it see a dentist and check out your fangs

  3. michael b

    if you wonder if you are a psychic vampire, then you are not one. we are a secret society. the only way to become one of us is to have sexual relations with a turtle. but it has to be a purple turtle, otherwise, your screwed.

  4. bran flakes

    catch a toad from the forest on the night of a full moon and lick its foot three times, then keep it in a cage for a week and feed it nothing but mexican churros. then when the full moon rises again, strip naked and go out into the middle of the woods and howl at the moon. if you truly are one of the elite, then the mystic psychic vampire fairy will appear in a cloud of smoke and give you a blessing. good luck.

  5. Open Heart

    I understand that you people don’t believe in psychic vampires, but don’t mock the others that do believe and that are. I recently discovered that I’m a psychic vampire. To tell, you need to look at the people around you. If you are with them, ask if they feel drained of energy around you. If they do, you may be one. Do some research like I have… it will help a lot. Try to find other people around you that are psychic vampires. They will be able to help you the most. Right now, I am alone in this, so I am trying to find someone. Good luck in your search to find out if you are.

  6. paul

    this is all complete the satanic bible.a psychic vampire is a person who drains you mentally yes.but not on some kind of paranormal’s the unemployed cousin who comes over to your house and smokes all your cigarettes while talking nonstop about how he’s gonna try to fuck some chick you know but never could get’s the “friend” who keeps trying to get you to smoke meth with him when you’ve been 6 years clean.i could go on but you get the idea.they’re’s not some “paranormal”phenomenon.and to all the so-called vampires out’get a fucking job and quit playing role playing games,for shit’s sake.lmfao!!!

  7. Nemphcorda

    You do not want to be one. they are the abomination of a
    genticly falwed vampire. They are the most hated of there
    kind. Psychic vampires are forced to hide and live alone,
    they are hunted by pure (blood) vampires, as well they are a prised kill among the vampire hunters for there rareity and the fact that they can hide and blend in with the humans better.
    they leave no blood trail to follow. Psychic vampires can feed off of real pure vamps, so if discoverd single or covend
    vampires will also kill them if given the chance. Since they can feed off of other psychic vampires this start turf wars
    and will reasult in the death of one usally the younger one.
    still this being the most rare of the three types you still have to be created by a vampire. Vampyre law though state
    if you create a phy vamp you must destroy it for it is your sick child and it is a part of your line.

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