How do you become a Psychic Vampire?

psychic vampire

I''ve been doing some studying the past few months on otherkin and other things. I feel really connected to vampires right now and I have a weired obsession with Vampires. Not the fake blood sucking ones but the Psychic ones. How do you become a psychic vampire?


  1. angel

    feed on psychic energy. if you do it right you should feel an intense heightening of the senses. it will be the best energy rush you have ever had. just be careful. it is addicting.

  2. the_mirror

    Most humans can feed off of others’ psychic energies with some training, but that alone does not make a vamp. To become a vamp you would need to find a current (real) psychic vamp who would be willing to implant a piece of their energy-code (sorta like a computer program) into your energy system. The code acts like a computer virus and will eventually shut down your “core” where you generate your biotic energy. Then you will be required to feed on others’ energy to maintain health.
    I speak as one who has learned from energy vamps, just how to feed on energy but I have not been changed over… Not that they would if I wanted to; they look at it as a curse.

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