Do you believe the illuminati conspiracy?

illuminati conspiracy

Do you believe all the rumors about different celebrities & even presidents being free masons & all the illuminati crap that comes with it?


  1. Princess

    Ive heard a lot about Jay-Z & the whole Blueprint 3 thing, and even about Obama, but idk what to believe, i dnt wanna get brain washed or anything lol.

  2. Happy Murcia

    I first heard about the Illuminate back in about 1981 and have alway thought they were up to something,,

  3. Underground World Dictator

    I don’t believe crap based on truth. You see, how can I believe the illuminiti conspiracy when it is the illuminiti itself that is writing it?

  4. King cracker jack

    I have heard and read so much about this I really don’t know what to believe.I read that every president with the exception of two were involved in the illuminati,one had his brains blown out,the other was impeached.If you really want to see something weird google image the illuminati monument,there really is one in georgia that is on private land that no one knows who owns .On it there are like the illuminati commandments or something.All in all,I had to stop researching it because it’s just to much to wrap your brain around,but check out that monument I told you about.

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