Are NWO/illuminati conspiracy theories started by extremely conservative Christians?


illuminati conspiracy

If you've seen the countless YouTube videos on the new world order/Freemasons/illuminati, you'll probably read the countless comments about converting to Christianity before it's too late.

The website, Vigilant Citizen, contains articles on their influence into pop culture.

Are these conspiracy theories used as Christian propaganda to evoke fear?


  1. Sari

    Is this a site that supports conspiracy theories? Because if it is, then Im wasting my time.

    If it isn’t…Then I’ll answer your question.
    Yes, yes they are.

    Looking at the comments left at VC show that those who visit the website are predominantly Christians, even though you have the occasional “Im not a Christian” commenter there.

    People who believe the things said on that website, even those who claim not to be Christians, show a massive lack of knowledge when it comes to symbolism and history. When all symbols are evil (symbols like the sun, eye, pyramid and etc), you have to ask yourself the question: Why? And CUI BONO? If they are so evil, why did so many cultures use them? Why do books on symbolism discuss how important and GOOD symbols they are? The answer is simple: The websites purpose is to distort occult imagery and it is doing a good job at it.

    We repeat history and right now we are repeating the 60’s and 70’s satanic hysteria that revolved around rock music.

  2. Randy H

    The speculation of the Illuminati propagated New World Order started long ago. Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams come to mind with their direct opposition to freemasonry, and perhaps the Illuminati. Geo Washington mentioned the Illuminati in a letter. The neo-cons are getting all riled up about Obama. If they truly investigated their own Prescott Bush (skull & bones, trading with the enemy), Geo HW Bush (skull & bones), Geo W Bush (skull & bones), they might be more inclined to not like Bill Clinton (Rhodes scholar), John Kerry (skull & bones), Hillary (CFR), Dick Cheney and many, many others. It’s both sides of the fence folks.

    The first major, public outing was by Myron Fagan is the 60s in a radio broadcast.

    (search youtube for Myron Fagan if this link doesn’t work)

    Another outing was by William Cooper in his book, “Behold a Pale Horse.” One might also check out the way that the Illuminati/CFR (with Morgan, Rotschild, Schiff, and others) got our so-called Federal Reserve installed.

    This is the Illuminati, pure and simple ……

    The Illuminati was commissioned by Mayer Amschel Rothschild to be the operatives they needed so to corrupt politicians, start and finance wars and more. I would not use Dan Brown’s stuff to
    characterize the Illuminati, and I would stay away from theories of aliens, UFOs, Fema camps, and
    mystical powers that don’t exist.

    The NWO was being initiated in 1775-1785 by Adam Weishaupt. Here’s a quote:
    “..those individuals who are members of the Illuminati possess the ‘Light of Lucifer’. As far as they are concerned, only members of the human race who possess the ‘Light of Lucifer’ are truly enlightened and capable of governing. Denouncing God, Weishaupt and his followers considered themselves to be the cream of the intelligentsia – the only people with the mental capacity, the knowledge, the insight and understanding necessary to govern the world and bring it peace. Their avowed purpose and goal was the establishment of a ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ – a New World Order, or One World Government.” Men from 2000 years ago (if not longer) have contemplated the “elect” and “non-elect” who had the intelligence to rule others. In 1776, this was nothing new but Wieshaupt put some new twists on it.

  3. Sari

    My comment is waiting for moderation and probably will not be released, but perhaps this will:

    Lucifer and Satan are two different characters. Lucifer is mentioned only once in the bible and it is in Isaiah. This passage has nothing to do with the angel Lucifer, but a fallen king of Israel. Because of this passage Christians equate Lucifer with Satan and yet they are two different entities. And lets not forget who created Satan in the first place. Yahweh.

    Lack of knowledge is what makes stupidity thrive.

  4. D'Ronda

    I doubt that this is just a hoax. SO many signs and likeness all over the world particularly with most famous people whether in politics, main stream media and so on. We as a people mostly or on a usual basis DO NOT take the initiative to fully research as to the origin of symbols and hand jestures, names, and the systematic structure of the way that things are today and why they are. To every conspiracy, there is some truth.

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