The Glastonbury Giants….Part 2

Another short clip from Mary Caine's 'Glastonbury Giants' video, a joint collaborative effort with Portobello Road based underground film maker Jonathan 'JB' Barnett. In this second extract from Mrs. Caine's unique personal interpretation of the original work of fellow artist Katherine Maltwood, twentieth century rediscoverer of the now legendary Glastonbury Zodiac, we look at the ancient Grail connections with Glastonbury's Temple of the Stars. This clip focusses on the Libran Effigy of the West Country Somerset counterpart to the hitherto undiscovered zodiacal circle that Mrs. Caine was to discover at Kingston in Surrey; in the wake of her groundbreaking re-assessment of this previously hidden re-divined geomantic treasure. Part 2 of a series. 


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