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silentdefense.tumblr.com Is today's latest tween sensation, Justin Bieber, secretly honoring the Illuminati through homage to Satan and demonic tribute hidden within his music? Watch as the dangerous truth is revealed. The best and most accurate backmasked version on the web! All new* hidden messages, slowed down in 2 speeds for extra clarity. No other reversed version has been able to pick up these words. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED! Update: Check out my channel for the all new step-by-step visual/audio guide to backmasking/reversing Justin Bieber's song "Baby" - you'll see and learn exactly what to do to unlock the mystery behind the words. Is Justin Bieber Satanic or Illuminati? Evil? You decide.


  1. bilal ali

    justin bieber is a gay wasteman i fuking new he was a illumnatiy the prik was trying to hide it for the fame
    i bet he became in to an illuminaty for the money

  2. soulsectionleader

    I have to correct u, its not World he is saying, its War, he is speaking about the War/Battle between good n evil dat is suppose to take place

  3. rossilinares

    It’s all part of the conspiracy to brainwash kids minds, obey the NWO, and follow the antichrist – whoever that is – soon it will be revealed. One thing is certain, he will be very powerful and charismatic – many will be fooled into worshiping the Antichrist.

  4. dawn francis

    thiss is so true i believed that all rappers and lil kids like wiillow n jb are into thhis thing now i know peopple might not agree but its is ok andplease kids dont follow this and ur not mistaken its true thats why i muted the satan voice out the second time because its night time and i got scared

  5. Bblazing223

    Really now people go to extreme lengths just to feel right but i just dont understand how you possible stand by that statement and your the smart one for believing this bs but hey what do i care if your not smart enough to hear when it stops

  6. NONLeisureDays

    Don’t close your eyes ! It’s true I recorded the reff in my DSi , and played reversely , ITS TRUE

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