Rick Ross/CNN PROOF Freemason’s / The Illuminati Control The World

ThisIsYungNTV asked:

"YouTruth" Donate Link - bitly.com LETS HELP 1000000'S OF PEOPLE KNOW THE TRUTH. www.facebook.com - Official Page Support By "Liking" This is no longer a conspiracy, it is a proven FACT that freemason's / the illuminati control the WORLD. They are no longer hiding nor secret. This is PROOF not a BELIEF that they control society and the very world we live in today. Not just the music industry or hollywood, the GOVERNMENT. We are in the last days people, it is seriously time to get your life together, i am trying to help you, but you have to help yourself.


  1. Brudezor

    Is this a fucking joke? Haha the hand symbol they are doing is for Roc-a-fella Jay’z company, and the song Free Mason is about not being a mason, “Bitch, I said I was amazing, not that I’m a Mason” Jay-Z clearly states in his verse that he is clearly not a Mason.

  2. mark9021

    @MeyerSiegel I watched most of these videos with little or no explanation of the use of these sybols by the rappers themselves. Rick is the lowest member on the totem pole. He’s been around for a while, but he just isnt that good of a rapper. So he does whatever he can for attention. He just ruined it for the whole group lol. They make money off this shit. Us watching these videos included. You’re all writing they’re paycheques by watching these videos. It awareness they’re spreading..

  3. MeyerSiegel

    As far as the rap industry goes, them being apart of that shit is a joke. They’re taking advantage of the accusations and using it as subject matter to fuel the fire, mystery sells.. If you have half a brain and actually listen to ross in that video he basically says “people can’t imagine a regular dude being that successful, so you gotta say anything to bring me down?” And whats the worst thing you can say about someone to this big christian population? “HE WORSHIPS THE DEVILLLL!!!” I’m out.

  4. onder1188

    I don’t fear anyone but Allah. Fuck Illuminati. Lol, they will shit in their pans when Judgement day come.

  5. biggdaddyrome

    cant take over the world it you cant stop yourself from dying.. simple as that, IN GOD WE TRUST

  6. SavinoTV1

    LOL . The Pic Of Joe Paterno throwing Up the Sign, IS MAD FAKE . Look At The Size Of His Hands .

  7. NewEraKidd0323

    I went to Carol City High with Ross and I can tell you that he was a cool and humble person and to see him now putting up 666 in this vid, i can say he’s CHANGED ALOT

  8. Zecalran

    these ppl are makin freemasons more powerful than they are when in truth they are all puppets n fools being used through their egos the same goes for the musicians all enslaved by their ignorance! btw not all freemasons are bad they are just lookin out for their own good and themselves! The ppl still have the real power to comply, to recognize them or not! peace bros

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