Rapper Drake Exposed as A Devil Worshipper -(PROOF)

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  1. MeghanLourific

    okay I had to stop it at 3:56 because my head couldn’t handle so much bullshit anymore. So because Drake’s father played drums in Jerry Lee Lewis’ band, that means he is automatically is guilty by association? that’s the most outlandish and ridiculous claim ever! So because I’ve thrown up the devil horns and have covered my eye that must mean I’m being lead and controlled by The DEVIL OMG :O

  2. tupac4life1989

    @JJPHILLYLG Oh my apoligies..i dont like him either lmao! i thought this video was about drake being in the illumanati..i thought u were defending him: i misread the posts. If your looking for more vids aboutthe illumanati type in ” The music buisness and the illumanati..” theres lotsof stuff ( if ur interested) again sorry for the mixup

  3. tupac4life1989

    @JJPHILLYLG but im not gona harass you about it buddy,,if you like drake im not gona sit here and hate..because that wont accomplish much will it? the only thing i can say is dont go on conspiracy videos about your fav artists..cuz it will piss u off, every 1 has their opinion and is allowed to share it, dont get to heated over it, if you enjoy his music than continue to do so

  4. tupac4life1989

    @JJPHILLYLG it looks like alot of people sent yyu some..well for one..inalot of drakes songs he talkes about selling his soul, and he does do alot of the “Illumanati symbols (covering their left eye, devil horns, and the clothing and jewlery with the pyramids> im just saying this is not done for no reason- also listen to his interviews recently..he talks about it)” just the crowd he assocates himself with, and his music in general is very…money motivated..like lady gaga



    I am an atheist so it’s hard for me to believe that people gain fame and fortune form the devil when I don’t even believe the devil exists.

  6. eaaazie

    how dumb can u be tho? like the last segment they said he took pcp. do you know what if can do to you? cause hysteria and dillusion and UNCONTROLLED rage thus why he murdered and ate that girls flesh. possessed? yea by the pcp demon

  7. infowazz

    @JJPHILLYLG I sent you a video to watch and others on the side of that page. Wikipedia breaks it down surprisingly good, go to New World Order on wikipedia. basically there is not one single piece of evidence but rather a collection of evidence throughout history that connects to our current world state and how it links to a larger agenda.

    major media networks distract and confuse people to the point that they can’t think past sports, paying bills, or 6th grade level humor.



    I’ll accept the evidence that is provided and will evaluate on my own. What else do you have?

  9. infowazz

    @JJPHILLYLG of course they don’t control everything and do have some control over the web. they can track and monitor anyone, YT censors big time.

    one damning piece of evidence are the Bohemian Grove pictures of various high level people like reagan, bushies, nixon, etc. it is a peek into what goes on behind close doors. Nixon has even been recorded talking about how the Grove is a bunch of queers running around.

    i can show you all kinds of stuff but most people can’t accept it



    If you think they control EVERYTHING that makes no sense. Everything would include the internet. What is your top piece of evidence that they exists in the capacity that many conspiracy theorist say they do?

  11. tupac4life1989

    @JJPHILLYLG becuz they want u to fear them- follow them or be destroyed..but if ur smart ur follow jesus and not listen to their deciet.

  12. Quenawth


  13. red25angel

    Damn near the entire music industry is ran by the illuminati… smarten up people its real out here yall better catch up.



    I don’t believe in the devil so this is a very hard thing for me to believe in.

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