1. maartenb1000

    this isnt satanic this is wierd sounds like our bell from school
    {justin isnt satanic} graveworm sound more satanic than this
    {justin isnt antichrist} im a antichrist its an insult for me saying that he is anti christ

  2. agormanvideos

    LOL If you want some artist to have success, tell he or she is illuminati or satanic and there you go, lots of free publicity on youtube!

  3. Talim2004

    Everything sounds satanic backwards. If he is part of the illuminati, he is not IN it. He is one of their pawns to distract us from what is going on in the world.

  4. minkso97GAGAFAN

    and iralagoomsababitanklifsheincoklopquitrepartionsiwantiweieweie relates to satan how?

  5. David8024667

    Seems like these so – called Christian’s are ALWAYS attacking someone for something or another … always JUDGING. They r always judging gays, ppl who have had or r planning on having an abortion, the Harry Potter show, etc., etc., etc., … u know, the holier than Thou types …

  6. EjercitoBieber

    You know, even God himself would laugh at this video, who are you to judge who’s good and who’s evil you obsessive creep?



  7. EjercitoBieber

    justin bieber isnt satanic! he loves god, he has so much things about god! haters these days-.-

  8. coolemanuel555

    firts i said i hate him nothing change so ima just watch wene im done watching a girl went LIKE A RUSSIAN BOY TAHT BROKE HES COMPUTER >D


    LOL if he was someone else (and i really mean anyone else) you would have disproved he’s “satanic” lol you people are so stupid

  10. 8610JW

    Yall dont realize that the little white girls he corrupt could kill half the population… all he’d have to do is tell them in a youtube video kill your parents and we can be together… Crazy but true

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