(Occult Symbolism) Living Trinity by Solar

SolarTV asked:

www.Solars-System.com....My first music video of a song I made called Living Trinity which touches on the occult symbolism found in religion and our society in America today. You might want to google some of the lyrics to gain a deeper understanding.


  1. SolarTV

    Thanks for all these comments I didn’t know my song/video would get almost 50thousand views. I guess I should keep making music.

  2. dreadshelley

    @yamakashi1 Ever seen the upside down star on joeys fridge on friends? I’m also seeing sunflowers in the background of most of today’s sitcoms… Diary of a wimpy kid had tons of symbolism… when you start to look for the symbolism it’s everywhere…

  3. Yamakashi1

    @gamerJ7 hahahh, genius. yup, utub started history.there’s no occult/spiritual knowledge, people werent tampered with on DNA level from alien races, and the illuminati arent implanting symbolism into our subconscious. that’s youtube talkin.

  4. FuzzyNugs420

    please do me a favor. watch THE ESOTERIC AGENDA and then it’s sequal KYMATICA here on youtube or google video and pay very close attention. i gurantee when you are done with those movies u will understand and wake up a little bit.

  5. polljk

    everytime i see an opinion recieved with total dismissal.. i bow my head to excistance and pick up arms and fight for their right to excist..
    i fight for the little dudes opinion.
    i fight for my opinion..

    break my bones with sticks and stones and i’ll crush your fragile mind.. just by being me.

    P.S i just symbolically popped a cap in capitalisms ass yo.

    P.P.S. if you agree.. we’ll meet up in the prison camps later ROFL.

  6. ddannyc

    This is logic, not Religion. You need to stop the insults.
    Cant you see! People need logic!!

  7. gamerJ7

    Wow u really need to take a break on this… Religion is the only control method that ever worked and im pretty sure your part of it…

  8. ddannyc

    Ask your self how do you control people??
    You corrupt what they hold dear.
    !!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!
    !!Woman carrier of legacy!!
    Without love there is no peace.
    !!Man giver of life!!
    Without compassion there is no love.

  9. gamerJ7

    OoOO wOW your really stupid, I Didnt say someone in youtube invented those stupid cults or whatever they are, I said some asshole with no life decided to start saying that those people are controlling us and all that shit u belive, You know, if you just took some history class you would realize how stupid this is but until then just keep on watching these videos from fucking ignorants who dont know shit about history and dont even know what the nazi symbol means… oO carefull its the “CBS Logo”

  10. TorontoBoi

    PS gamerJ7 – yes, you’re absolutely correct, Youtube invented the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Skull N Bones societies in 2005. It’s not like they are the world’s oldest secret societies with over 5 million members world wide. Man, seriously, don’t even reply to this comment, you’re starting to really embarrass yourself. Go play video games, watch MTV, or drink a delicious Diet Coke (the aspartame & excitotoxins will make you feel better, trust me).

  11. gamerJ7

    Yeah ok il shut up, but take some history clases then see this video again, and ul leave the same comment, you guys are so fucking ignorants…gosh i bet a guy in youtube started all of this shit…

  12. SSandfriendstudios

    ^^ i do think some other people need a bit less of they’re “life”. Its not about scareing people, its about the relations between politics and religion, also compared with other ages. You call this “takeing a look upon a Zeitgeist”, it is kind of a philosophical thing. But you seem to do not actualy know what this means. Anyway, some theorys sound fucked up, but they are logical.
    All thist requires to know a bit about history, culture, people, religion and politics.
    Nice video, just had to mute

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