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aphla9onN asked:

Michael Jackson exposes illuminati song lyrics MJ vs illuminati Thriller Beat It billie jean wanna be satrtin' somethin' agenda why killed MJ dangerous bad history invincible symbolism genius heal the world music satanic hidden message soul devil


  1. LadyJStyles

    Thank you. It goes well beyond music, but this whole world is practicing witchcraft and they don’t even know it. This whole Lent thing, goes back to Baal worship…Easter = Ashtoreth worship,….God hates it all and there are a lot of “Christians” walking the path to destruction. The ppl that really perplex me are the Christian Freemasons who have the symbols right b4 their faces and still claim to be Christians..smh.

  2. LadyJStyles

    “They’re out to get you, there’s demons closing in on every side.They will possess you, unless you change that number on the dial.” After hearing that lyric, the Thriller album was scrapped indefinitely. Music was Satan’s specialty & words are powerful. God said “Let there be light” & the universe is still expanding at the speed of light.The power of life & death is in the tongue. Singing songs with evil words & an empty mind can lead to you give your life to demonic influences unwittingly.

  3. faraon2012


  4. annie46664

    All Michael Jackson fans should read the 4 DIVINE messages specifically pertaining to him, and maybe someone would like to compile a video incorporating these so that countless others can also become aware of them.
    See MatthewBooks . com ~ under ‘Matthew’s Messages’ ~ then key ‘Michael Jackson’ into the search bar & 4 messages will pop up. :)
    Love & LIGHT to one and ALL everywhere on ALL OF OUR magnificent planet.

  5. te4888

    he was acquitted in ’05 of child molestation charges. so then he was killed. they were tryin to kill him in ’05 but to no avail. unfortunately they finally got him in june 2009. they tried in june 2005 during his trial. these are not coincidences. michael released bad in ’87 and the control of him got worse.

  6. te4888

    it’s no mistake that thriller is the biggest selling album of all time. it’s the witchcraft that made that possible. michael was a victim of mk-ultra mind control ever since he was a child. the whole entertainment industry is satanic. he was apart of the plan, but he was forced. but he started to rebel with the Bad album. and it’s no coincidence that the gov’t started watchin him in 1988. jermaine said there was an “investigation” on him specifically to be for 17 years. from ’88 to ’05.

  7. bigvinamac

    you people and this damn illuminati. michael wasn’t a part of it nor is there an illuminati.

  8. Ratacon2004

    I thought thriller was all written by writters that work for the illuminati. The lyrics through the whole thing and the video are a bit weird. A normal performer sings and dances nothing else. This mofo was dancing with the dead.”The foulest stench is in the air.The funk of forty thousand years.And grizzly ghouls from every tomb.Are closing in to seal your doom.And though you fight to stay alive.Your body starts to shiver.For no mere mortal can resist.The evil of the thriller.”

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