Michael Jackson Thriller illuminati part 2

aphla9onN asked:

Michael Jackson part 2 exposes illuminati song lyrics MJ vs illuminati puppet analysis Thriller Beat It billie jean wanna be satrtin' somethin' agenda why killed MJ dangerous bad history invincible symbolism genius heal the world music satanic hidden message soul devil


  1. Mistery Jones

    I feel same way
    I can feel “their” music tryin to blind me but it’s not workin¡¡¡!

  2. TheOldShowLover

    he was killuminati soo that means ANTI illuminati soo yes he was good ;)

  3. marshbey

    Good Video brother, I always knew he had ties to the people behinde the scene and I also Knew they had him kilt. BUT..I never knew he was releasing his pain in the form of symbolism through his songs and it makes perfect sense because he had many songs where he talked about Billie Jean. Some people still stuck in the Matrix and dont understand whats going on around them so expect to get alot of negative comments. Im trying to decode smooth criminal now, lol!

  4. The1Weapon

    The music video was inspired by Westside Story. Watch the movie and then look at this. I’m not sure about any of the references to the music video being legitimate.

  5. theGspotfinders

    The Illuminati killed Michael Jackson because his Moonwalk was all that stood between them and world domination.

  6. faraon2012


  7. MultiRedhearts

    Hi ! Ermm I wanna know if mj was a good man then or not ? Was he good ? Was he in the creepy stuff like the illuminati ?? Thx pls reply my question thx !

  8. WhiteTriceratops

    I’ve heard Lenon Honor say that Beat it was about a private homosexual masturbation orgy. Thisanalysis feels like something in between the face value version of the lyrics and Lenon’s lyrical analysis.

  9. rsmvsolo

    had the same problem … your body unconsciously checks the clock thats why you wake up not tired …. try to get away any clock from you and you wont wake up .

  10. revelations171

    I will NEVER be able to listen to Beat It seriously again! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    onlly you would think this


    3 am is supposiftivly the time jesus died on the cross its an hour of celebration in the world of the demonic

  12. aphla9onN

    there’s a music video by eminem it’s called 3 am….if u see the MV with the lyrics u’ll kinda get what he says…the clock stops at 3am and stuff happens there’s a video about it i don’t know the name?

  13. Devinn111

    and srry for commenting twice but i also noticed u said the devils hour is 3am, and in the past couple of days whenn i jus figured out about them and my yearning for god has gotten stronger and im hungry for his word, i find myself waking up around the same time every single time 3AM! i think you are right because when i wake up i feel and hear evil around me and i have to pray and read the scripture to get it out of my head, can u tell me why u say 3AM is his time

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