Michael Jackson Illuminati Tribute

killuminati331 asked:

Michael Jackson Illuminati Tribute A tribute for Michael Jackson who has been silenced ( killed ) by the Illuminati for speaking out the truth! Rest In Peace Mike I hope you are in a better place right now where nobody can hurt you! We miss you! --- Jay electronica NWO New World Order Music POP King of Mike Jack jacko killed conspiracy tribute rap hip hop alex jones thriller eddie rip billie beat david smooth criminal "new world" "world order" truth history government videoclip rnb "mix tape" bush Swagger Jacksons Revenge


  1. Mike Fischer

    forget about Jackson and the music industry. if you really want to understand the illuminati then study the Jesuit Order. They are the real illuminati and they didn’t give two shits about Michael Jackson, they are too busy running the world to worry about a pop singer.

  2. Sumacifyed

    you guys are looking for anything to blame on the illuminati
    -remain anonymous-

  3. thekingofcinema1

    rip michael, the media was NEVER able to brainwash me, so i never hated you, just respected and loved you, because i knew the real you.

  4. mahir4spiderman

    Cool song/video! They killed MJ, and they’re confusing the people so much. Keep it up bro.

  5. LoveMikemuch

    Wacko Jacko Heart Attacko?Is that funny?No this is not! His name is Jackson not Jacko, His name is Michael Jackson!ღR.I.P. my king I Love You!

  6. GaGirlie777

    Yep, I agree. Many are brainwashed with controlled thinking and don’t know it.

  7. chizzle72

    i like your rap man, imma rapper that’s awake as well, much love to ya man.

  8. MJ4everTheKing



  9. MissTruthz

    @pastytit…. the reason why you think he’s a freak is because the illuminati got you to believe it. cuz you read all the lies they wrote and believed it. don’t you understand?!

  10. pastytit

    im glad they killed him,,,,,, jacko was a freak

    should have give him to taliban so they could cut his head of and put it on net

  11. chandler2512

    I dunno whether he was guilty or not… The more i look into it its edging to not. I just wish people who are look at it so one minded would open their minds and actually listen instead of just following the negative people.. :/

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