Michael Jackson illuminati Ghosts part 1

aphla9onN asked:

Michael Jackson Ghosts illuminati part 1 2 bad is it scary exposes illuminati puppet song lyrics MJ vs illuminati analysis we are the world another part of me blame it on the boogie Thriller Beat It billie jean wanna be satrtin' somethin' agenda why killed MJ dangerous bad history invincible symbolism genius heal the world music satanic hidden message soul devil


  1. musixluvaS2

    @truepstriot111 it wasnt an ep, it was a movie. I think the racing car one.

  2. TruePatriot1111

    I love Michael Jackson, I truly do. What an awesome, genuine-to-the-core person. I never once thought he did anything bad to little kids. I feel like an ass because back when he was living, I wasn’t awake to the things I am now. Finding out he was trying to tell us about the evil all along gives me a whole new appreciation for the man. Now I understand why he felt so alone. Knowing what’s going on and people don’t believe you, is a lonely place. RIP MJ, see u soon bro!

  3. sofiacon04

    i saw all your videos! and i think generally that you make nice analysis. i love Ghosts! i think Michael is telling us what is happening really clear in this movie & at ”Moonwalker” too.
    by the way i hope with all my heart this: they want Mike to ”leave the town”, and Michael leaves (he is dying) but at the end wins and returns and the old man terrorized and dies. He returns at ”Moonwalker” too! ok, maybe this is happening only at movies, but i really pray every sec to be alive and well!

  4. GirlMichaelJacksons

    iAm The Slow Type Dx Please Some 1 Tell Me What Does This Spossed 2 Mean

  5. monica46005

    w=how do they kill Ppl? Inbox me, I don’t wanna get you in trouble, thanks.

  6. aaaaaaaanda

    when he says he’s not alone and he’s ‘family’ appears
    i think his family are the ones who try to fight with the illuminati too
    thou in the beginning you cant see them , they are really there
    and they might be dead cause everybody who tryes to fight with them , is killed …

  7. varnlestoff

    If the illuminati is hollywood and corporate interest… How exactly does hollywood relate to the Central banking/Federal reserve?

    How would that tie in with globalization?

  8. musicupsidedown

    am so glad i subed u,we think just alike am just to lazy to type lol i shall stay tuned.

  9. hummingbrd73

    Great video,thanks for sharing and understanding all that goes on around us :D


    thanks! I just thought of it! another MJ song against Illuminati is “This time around”


    This is very nice.Another thing,well you know how Illuminati kills people,right?well I think that;s why MJ dancers are ghost to represent the ppl they kill…I dont know just and Idea..

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