Mark Devlin asked:

Here's my newly-extended presentation on 'the mind control manipulations and satanic agenda of the mainstream music industry.' Yes, you read that correctly! ...


  1. CointellKilla

    That’s true,I’ll take it a step further.Icke,jones and the rest of these “heroes” are in on it-fact!controlled opposition is a reality


    The lord jesus is coming soon

    The illuminati is proof of this

    The lord JESUS told us 2000 years ago that satan would gather the kings of the earth with the anti christ to force a one world law and order on this world

    christ told us the head of this satanic order would be the anti christ

    rev 17 says this anti christ man rules with a harlot church which is located in rome

    sounds like the pope is the anti christ

    it also just so happens that the popes jesuits started the illumin

  3. Mark Devlin

    Cheers. Yeah, those names there are certainly setting an example.

    Don’t actually know who Michael Tellinger is??!

  4. allmoderncons

    great presentation mark, thank you.

    i agree with you that most of the commercial hip-hop today is worse than shit but thankfully there are still a great number of artists in both the UK and US that are more than making up for the rest. Artists like Immortal Technique, Akala, JMT, Ill Bill, Pharoah Monch, English Frank, Logic, Lowkey etc etc.

    in the Q&A session that fella didnt just sound a bit like Michael Tellinger he sounded a LOT like him. was it him?

  5. 369itm

    lil wayne, is not hip hop, it’s all been hijacked, it’s the conditioning of an entire generation. yep.

  6. silensvires1

    I heard if you play this video backwards you can gain back the IQ points you loose for believing this tool.

  7. Sandy Waters

    I believe this!! You can’t get a song out unless you sell your soul to the devil!!

  8. mrbloodG1980

    killarmy released their album silent weapons for quiet wars on 911 as well. coincidence?? the title is a reference to a document on how to control the masses, its in bill coopers book, behold a pale horse.

  9. Judson Putnii

    the ‘illuminati’ also has to work less and less to make entertainment for sheep, while also increasingly being able to restrict access to said entertainment and charge immense amounts of money to the sheeple. Who just can’t resist it

  10. Judson Putnii

    The ‘illuminati’, actually has nothing to to with satan or anything religious. it’s actually about money and the groups of people who’ve been oppressed by prominent white male figures throughout the last 600 or so years. These groups are using the ever increasingly immoral entertainment industry to shape society into sheeple who will buy whatever they shit out. Basically eclipsing the white-male ‘masonic’ run universe, which is why all the symbols are so comically blatant.

  11. RuffDiamond23

    Did you mention that you can apply the exact same techniques in a good way? You could also mention the holographic nature of a tune… if you sample a part of a tune, you take with it all it’s emotional intent, so it all ends up in the tune you use it for! This can be used in both a good and bad way. You could do the same as Bowie and cut up your lyrics from something uplifting! There’s som proper solutions right there! You got the poison – you got the remedy. A proper ‘HOW TO’ lecture see!

  12. Mark Devlin

    If you watched to the end, you’ll have heard me conclude on a positive note and make a point of saying I’m optimistic about how things will all pan out. You’ll also have heard me refer people to my podcast series on my Soundcloud page, where I host an entire series of music volumes dedicated entirely to positive, uplifting music with a message from alert, awakened artists. I’ve also ended several radio interviews recently by pointing out that the current system could be overwritten overnight.

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