1. XxXdArK3sSXxX

    @jet100563 yupp, but i dnt think she wanted to be in d illuminati thing. she’s been controlled all diz time.

  2. GAkeloGA12

    so all pop stars are satan worshipers are you against that?? so dont post it cuz it looks like you are and besides people dont give a fuck to this rumors all this wuz invented by some fucking hater that was drunk and they fucked him from behind so now all that he or she can say is BULLSHIT :) besides i think this bitches are the worshipers, im mean where do they get this bullshit ? they investigate satanic things just to invent a fuckin rumor c´mon get a life ,l,

  3. jet100563

    @XxXdArK3sSXxX ur probably right… god gives u the right to do what u want.. but there is concenquences… she chose to go to hell.. im choosing to go to heaven for eternal peace…

  4. XxXdArK3sSXxX

    notice she covered her eye wile saying “my friends” pretending it was an itch. but watever! i still love GaGa! i dnt giv uh dam wut religion she is. we have freedom to practice any religion we want. like this if u agree with me

  5. 1rle

    By reading the comments, it seems most people missed it… she said “my friends” as she covered an eye.

  6. BelieveandtrustJesus

    she said “by the” then stopped and said “my my friends” coz she was gonna say the illuminati what a fail lol

  7. SkyExplosion

    @alexthesickestkid Plus at her concert last night she talked about God and even when she won her award she thanked God..


    @jaquelynandkaylee she said what inspires her she covered her eye to say the watching eye as in satan.

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