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SaladinDerKurde asked:

illuminati symbolism in Lady Gaga Music Clips IMPORTANT : Illuminati manipulated the bible and rewritten is not the orginal bible anymore there are a lot of contradictions in it that is why the God send the holy Quran to reconstruct his religion !! IMPORTANT 2 : According to Islam the satan is not an angel he is a demon,jinn. because according to islam angels are free of making mistakes.they do only good. IMAPORTANT 3 : prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) has said that the anti christ, the false messiah dajjal will have only one eye !!! what is illuminati or masonic organisations ? Masonic Organisations, called sometimes illuminati or scientology are secret underground organisations which worship the satan ,devil. their goal is to create a new world order without religion.they want to destroy the god and praying from your life and instead of creating an atheist world. There are alot of tactics which they are use. for exampe 1- they indoctrine man that there is no god and the man hisself is the god like atheists (Allah cc tenzih ederiz) 2-they try to let man to worship everything except of god worshipping sculptures (buddhism ect.),worshipping polytheist(hinduism ect.) religions. 3-they control over media and entertainment they use it and make propaganda against religion and the god especially against islam! did you ever ask yourself why they attack islam ? because islam is the unique right religion of god which didnt manipulated by man satan wants mankind in the ...


  1. xoxoLilNekoxoxo

    lol i love lady gaga n i believe all this showed was how ppl believe anything. i dont believe shes evil shes just weird and a freak. thats y its so easy to say that shes evil. because shes different.

    thats a good song right there!!

  2. Alexandra22773

    Speaking of the bee…apparently there’s a connection between Mormonism and Freemasonry. I have been through Utah and their state route signs have the route number on a beehive.


  3. JessicaNL1

    Everything about Lady Gaga, is satanic, Illuminati, demonic, Free masonry etc. Still people like her, and follow her headless corps to the eternity without the Lord. While the offer of the Lord is still the same: free grace! Maybe people will change after watching these kind of videos. All the believers all over the world, should be praying that the Lord sends His Holy Spirit to the world, otherwise we will all be followers of the head and mindless people/artists/pop icons etc.

  4. XxHelloKittieexX

    @sweetgal7866 lol okay what?
    hey! what are u gonna do when you hear gagas song on the radio??
    im guessing just dance right ? 0.-
    then what are you going to do when you hear screaming in the streets and the final trumpets sound? dance with them too? do your research before you start denying . This stuff is COMPLETELY true.

  5. XxHelloKittieexX

    @Nailscence this persons not going to understand loL.
    the obiouse is obiouse to her/him but they dont wanna listen,
    how smart of them loll not. dw theres more of these blind ppl

  6. Nailscence

    @sweetgal7866 Yup, it’s like National Treasure, they just hide little clues for us to find. Like Illuminati backwards + .com, lolol.

  7. sweetgal7866

    @Nailscence I’m to edgy? yes i know there is, but trust me there is ALOT more to it then it just being on the American dollar, id advise you to check up the videos under ‘my favourite’ section.. you would be surprised! ..(p.s quit your sarcasm.)

  8. YourFace69

    @itsreallyyaloox …SHES NOT EVEN FROM YONKERS…Shes said it herself…in an interview someone asked her “WHATS THE WORST RUMOR YOU HEAR ABOUT YOURSELF?” and she said “THAT IM FROM YONKERS.”

  9. Nailscence

    @sweetgal7866 lol, you’re so edgy. There’s reptilian shit all over the American dollar as well, maaaaan. Just align your walls with aluminum so nobody gets into your privacy.

  10. sweetgal7866

    great job, but the truth is that sheeps never listen no matter how much truth is in their face,..they are the true deluded ones who ARE going to get it bad!

  11. SammyFuknQ

    people should really read into the free masons. really this video is quite amazingly fascinating. and its not all crazy or religious at all

  12. TheSweetieflower

    Interesting…oh, and this is pointless to say, but the song you used is also used in the TV show ”Hex”.

  13. itsreallyaloox

    Well done ^__^ its said i actually knew her for two years when i was young in yonkers NY =( God Bless u Stefani that if Shes even gonna except his blessing she really needs it i cant believe she would do such a thing =(

  14. Wisdumb

    I dont know if Lady Gaga is evil or not … But I strongly believe Illuminati controls the world (except india and china). Music is just one of the methods they use to control the world because people always are mesmerised with music. I think sports and fashion are the other means they use.
    So all of you people who are too much into music, fashion or sports will never have peace in your life. I am not saying you shouldnt enjoy those 3 … just enjoy without indulging too much and never be a fan of anyone … this shows you are offering yourself to submission and hero worship which the illuminati takes advantage of …
    Control your desire and rule your heart ….

  15. whoaisme

    I completely understand this video & can agree with the things you have put together well not fully because I need proof from the artist themselves but I however don’t agree with how Islam is the correct word of God.

  16. Time 4 Truth

    Check out You Tube look up… BUSH FAMILY TREE & u ll find out bush,cheaney,gore, vlad dracula,britney spear, brad pitt, tom hanks,pocahontas, lincoln etc…also research.. Celebrities who are kabbalist, Vudu celebs. scientology(madonna,tom cruise,forest whittaker) WARNING: not for average sheeple, need to b open minded to understand these elite worship the light bearer, not the God of all creation p.s there’s an illuminati & luminati, one worships the sun da other da moon. study b4 u critize or simply this info is not 4 u I hope this help the blinded!

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