Lady Gaga and Illuminati connection – Occult symbolism in ” Bad Romance “

alireza11536 asked:

Based on an article from : Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka "Lady Gaga",the Illuminati puppet is back with a new video "Bad Romance",which describes the dark and ritualistic inner-workings of the entertainment industry, by symbolically depicting Gaga as a sex slave.This video is like her other videos extremely symbolic and filled with hidden messages.This short video takes a look at symbols contained in this video. This video has been made with the help of several articles on For more articles and information please visit the article "Lady Gagas Bad Romance The Occult Meaning" at


  1. Jared17121

    first of all, if you look hard enough for something, youll find what youre looking for. this is the only reason illuminati exists – over analyzing.
    second of all, she covers one eye to take the focus off the fact that one of her eyes is slightly off center, but youll probably blame that on the devil as well.

  2. joseusagi

    OK…people just need to seriously stop putting too much thought into things for real!! Just go get your tubes tied or something for real! I mean come on! IDK if she is or if she’s not part of that group but I mean this video is going way too far..But crazy people…what can I say!

  3. xxsweetiepeaxx

    @dmv38 MJ isn’t labeled an illuminatist.
    he was totally against it . & eminiem is trying to seek freedom from it [not afraid]
    but, still holds part to who he is.

  4. dmv38

    Lady Gaga is not a satanist nor is she part of the illuminati, it’s all myths. Major stars are being labeled satanic i.e. Michael Jackson, Eminem, etc.. they’re just talented that’s all, they’re not tricking you to buy their stuff, it’s you whose purchasing their stuff. To explain the symbols, Lady Gaga is very symbolic yes – but her message is a representation of pop music, as you say; selling your soul. She sold her soul, dyed her hair, her fans are monsters and we’ll always love her forever.

  5. magyarjedi

    @tut33t I’want to stop the illuminati, but thats impossible! They controlling everyrhing! The youtube, the EU, USA, media, history, celebs, internet, THE WHOLE WORLD! The world needs to stop that shit! We need to do something… But I don’t know what… But if i know, i will tell you! (sorry for bad english!)

  6. leonardo22895

    this is the most STUPID vid i have ever watched, THUMBS UP IF U LOVE LADY GAGA, CUZE IM A FREACK BITCH BABY

  7. fbvrc

    illuminati have a plan to elliminate 80% of the world population it is mentioned on Nostredamos profecies a great war, nuclear holocaust and hum… gess who’s building nuclear weapons right now? IRAN…so I wold imagin they lauching an atack on the USA war will beggin and it will be devastating…assuming that that is their plan…check out the 9/11…they say that every number has someone linked to it… 10 = GOD they skiped god 9/11 …think about it, bullS*hit or reallity?…

  8. Suprememessage

    holy fuck i just thought she was evil i didnt know her eyes could be used as her own personal death star to destroy us all a send us to the dimesion of monkey sex OH GOD HELP US!XD

  9. Suprememessage

    @morigator its sad to see your not openly realizing there is the god god and co gods basically or angels/gaurdians that protect what god crea

  10. Nintend0rk64

    I knew from the beginning something was up with this chick. She brainwashes millions and people don’t even realize all the subliminal messaging in her music and videos. Such a shame.

  11. morigator

    Theres only 1 God, sun god moon god water god f em all, not saying she aint a satanist cuz the other symbols reffer to it

  12. kanyewestpowerman

    It’s so time for a big-time producer/Director to grow some balls and make a movie about this because it’s scary and we need to know the truth.

  13. Jewelrylover111

    I knew it right when she swallowed the rosary beads at the Alejandro video. O_o
    That was enough for me to be able to notice that something was weird.

  14. ssQueen

    This is a good vidio but i was amazed by the 666 and always black and white it is very interisting. i think she wanted to cunfuse people and start spreading the word about her being the fame monster.i think the vidio she made was eh eh nothing else i can say. i did not see any off this things in there but i like the vidio.

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