Okay they may be good singers and I did like them alot, even before they were famous. In fact, you could say I'm their Number 2 Fan (Asem is their Number 1 Fan). But as with the rest of the music industry, kol eventually succumbed into the evil and satanic cult that is the free masons, rapidly propelling them to international stardom. Just a little video showing the resemblance of their new album cover to the free mason logo. Bear in mind this is their FOURTH studio album and until now only had a small following as musicians. However, as you can see, as they decided to get in on the free mason act, they've become global superstars. KOL YU WER BETTER WITHOUT THEM


  1. occultus

    They are not masons, the album cover does not symbolize a compass and square. They lend themselves more towards mormonism and evangelism.

    6 of one, half a dozen of the other

  2. occultus

    Christian Spain 974-1300

    Early rule (974 to 1085)
    Christian princes, the counts of Castile and the first kings of Leon, treated the Jews as mercilessly as did the Almohades. In their operations against the Moors they did not spare the Jews, destroying their synagogues and killing their teachers and scholars. Only gradually did the rulers come to realize that, surrounded as they were by powerful enemies, they could not afford to turn the Jews against them. Garcia Fernandez, Count of Castile, in the fuero of Castrojeriz (974), placed the Jews in many respects on an equality with Christians; and similar measures were adopted by the Council of Leon (1020), presided over by Alfonso V. In Leon, the metropolis of Christian Spain until the conquest of Toledo, many Jews owned real estate, and engaged in agriculture and viticulture as well as in the handicrafts; and here, as in other towns, they lived on friendly terms with the Christian population. The Council of Coyanza (1050) therefore found it necessary to revive the old-Visigothic law forbidding, under pain of punishment by the Church, Jews and Christians to live together in the same house, or to eat together.

  3. Adaiah

    So, I came to this site as a fan of KOL who noticed some random shit that was weird. So on SNL the other night they performed and at the end of the show Nathan was showing Illuminati hand signs enthusiastically almost and then on David Letterman the other night he did it again in the most obvious way. I have seen many performances before and never have I seen Nathan do that (the drummer.) Anyways, just an observation.

  4. Ricky

    Nathan has been doing that for years. It’s the inverted “Hook ‘Em Horns” gesture. The Followill’s are avid Oklahoma Sooners fans. It’s a gesture aimed towards The University of Texas and other Longhorns fans. It’s very common.

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