Justin Bieber Disguised 51-Year-Old Pedophile

crzafgboy asked:

Justin Bieber Found To Be Cleverly Disguised As A 51-Year-Old Pedophile


  1. Mikrazyisacrazychic

    this is aall crazy and kinda creepy im not rlly sure if i believe it but wow and ewwww

  2. AkramPropheci

    wat the fuck u idiot why the fuck would u compare gayber wiv pac!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. D33iSlAM

    wtf LOOOL err well i know media lies as the illuminati control it but comon err.

    Justin VS tupac? HAAAAAA seriosu no competition man

  4. AyoliFlame

    Ha geez calm down,,, by the way I made this channel like 2 weeks ago and I’m waiting till I get more uploads ha someone needs to calm the fuck down

  5. angeloswizzle01

    its a joke dumb shit.. dont u have a sense of humor u 15year old rapper with 26 subscribers… lol…

  6. MaDuke

    Sorry for your lost. Stepdads are daddies too, calling them that doesn’t mean you forgot the previous one.
    “seemed like you wanted to make me feel bad”
    I didn’t. I don’t come on youtube trying to make strangers feel bad. How can you tell me how i’m making you feel just by reading my non emotional sentences? You felt an emotion I wasn’t portraying.

  7. amandacarmestro21

    Im a fan its not like were best friends….and can u like stop saying daddy because my dad died when i was 2 its my step dad that doing this for me…..and no you wernt making me feel bad it just seemed like you wanted to make me feel bad

  8. MaDuke

    “your making me feel bad”
    How was I making you feel bad?I wasn’t,but since you assumed I was trying to make you feel bad then you must have felt bad.
    Its just funny how you brought up the relationship between the manager+daddy, is the kid going to tell you personal things because of that? How many other daddies does manager know?I said you’re his fan,are you not?So who cares if you met him “20 times” It takes YEARS to form a relationship w/ someone.So you’re just his fan.

  9. amandacarmestro21

    sure think what you want…you can all the shit you want and it wont bother me. So go ahead keep going if you think your making me feel bad….cause your not…good try though (not really:)

  10. MaDuke

    so yea what? I don’t idolize other human beings and rather my attention & money go towards feeding someone than making some kid richer… “so yahhh”(w/e the hell that means)
    Does you’re life feel more valuable because your daddy knows a manager? lol.

  11. amandacarmestro21

    really because ive been to alot of concerts because my dad knows his manager and ive met him like 20 timess so yahh!

  12. MaDuke

    calm down. Talking to someone a “couple minutes” doesn’t mean you know them personally. You’re just a fan. This is satire by the way…

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