justin bieber backwards satanic messeage in his song Baby

jkgatling asked:

we all expected it, Justin is manipulating young girls minds to belive in satan. 50k views!


  1. rabiabaseer

    LMAO… everybody was up in this time of night by my laugh after lookin at this vdo.. WHAT THE FUCKKKK

  2. RussianBabyExcercise

    He’s supposed to be a musician! not a model you stupid stella!!!!!!!

  3. seanki98

    Guys, you don’t need to play this song backwards to find satanic messages. Simply play it forwards.

  4. vannythunder

    hey where did you get this ? i’ve been search it but i don’t met yet :(

  5. jkgatling

    @GrrrlinStilettos You searched “Stupid über chrisitan castrated singer that will be forgotten in about a few weeks” and it took ya here?

  6. IvanelysEncarnaci0n

    I dont give a fuck i know you spell Stupid without a e i just decide to add the e  so you can conform my dick bitch

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