Jay-Z Kanye West-Niggas In Paris (Satan and We Killed Tupac Illuminati Message)

JesseKyleLewey asked:

Illuminati messages in the song Niggas In Paris. At the beginning of the song they admit to killing Tupac and at the end it repeats Satan many times. Also watch this www.youtube.com


  1. bobbywayne310

    OHHHHH!!! somebody can come up with a come back that I use to use back in the 5th grade look at my comments and look at urs its obvious ur nothing but a hater thats why ur so defensive and have to use come backs like sucking dick i never assaulted u other than telling u to go get a life y r u so hostile u was hostile from the start But bitch I am the Illuminati so Jay Z cnt be part of it cause im the whole thing :)

  2. UltimatePivot12

    yhu getta life matter of fact yhu cant cuz how much dick do yhu suck end of conversation bye bitch

  3. UltimatePivot12

    stfu stupid bitch dis actually real shit cuz y else iz everyone makin so much money how bout do it yhurself nd see wat happens dickhead 

  4. CheapSuperClan

    God is my savior and remember there forced to do it or they die
    R.I.P tupac
    R.I.P bigge smalls

  5. OFFICIALFatima

    Just focus on your deen religion etc.
    ( if you believe in God Allah Eliah) and God Allah Eliah will protect you from dat!!

  6. rabbitfeeder123

    If all this illuminati shit is real there little crazy ass fuckers and need to do 1 :D

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