Illuminati vid #16 BOB MARLEY murderd by illuminati member and ex SS Nazi doctor

thenwoorg asked:

JOIN THE REVOLUTION Bob MARLEY murdered by CIA, Nazis & Illuminati NEW Chanting down Babylon: The CIA & The Death of Bob Marley By: Alex Constantine as Published in High Times Magazine February 2002 Did a soccer accident really cause Bob Marleys death, as has been widely reported? Or was the dark hand of CIA covert operations behind the death of the greatest countercultural prophet of our time? Marley knew the drill in Jamaica, at the height of his success, when music and politics were still one, before the fog of censorship rolled into the island, old wounds were opened by a wave of destabilization politics. Stories appeared in the local, regional, and international press downsizing the achievements of the quasi-socialist Jamaican government under Prime Minister Michael Manley. In the late 1970s, the island was flooded with cheap guns, heroin, cocaine, right-wing propaganda, death-squad rule and, as Grenadas Prime Minister Maurice Bishop described it three years later, the CIAs "pernicious attempts [to] wreck the economy." "Destabilization," Bishop told the emergent New Jewel Party, "is the name given the most recently developed method of controlling and exploiting the lives and resources of a country and its people by a bigger and more powerful country through bullying, intimidation and violence." Original post-EthiopianWorldNET


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