illuminati – Rihanna Exposed

Isusumrijetiumjest asked:

Rihanna Exposed another pice of the puzzle of the evil in this wolrd. subcribe so ull keep in touch and if you wanna see more rappers exposed. any questions dont bother to ask. ill remove all faul/bad language. please rate and comment.


  1. Alicia Banks

    the illuminati rules the world/msm/music etc

    evil and karma are real

    wtfu asap

    cc warlock pals jay z and hobama

  2. LittleBabyWheeler

    Females can sound like both young boys and girls, hence Bart Simpson being voiced by Nancy Cartwright to this day. Girls and boys sound similar. Females can sound different as they age because the vocal chords don’t stay the same shape, but the ranges can be equivalent. Hence… Rihanna being able to sound cute and childlike. It proves nothing. Innocence sounds sexy, apparently. Kids sing along to fucking Rod Stewart on occasion.

  3. LittleBabyWheeler

    Miscellaneous bone structure? Are you fucking kidding me?
    You know, there’s a word for seeing things in other things: pareidolia. This is that.
    All you prove with this is the existence of photo-editing, ergo, Photoshop. Why don’t you go about proving the existence of auto-tune while you’re at it? I’m sure you’ll find the Illuminati there as well if you really want to. Which, it seems, you do.

  4. chigasaki06

    Yeah, so flexible, she can contort her body in ways impossible by human beings. Wake up!

  5. Eli Zsia

    If you understand the Psychologic Influence of Most things, you will understand how they use Phsychology to Influence you.

  6. Eli Zsia

    This is how Celebrities influence kids with their music… The Song Diamons in the Sky has moments of Immaturity in Riannas voice… Do you notice when she says, ” Shine Bright like a Diamond in the Song, Notice how Young sounding her voice goes, How Immature the words sound…. They Use forms of Immaturity in Music because Kids can Relate to it, The Child Like Vocals Relate to a Kids Vocals and so a Kid can Sing to those child like vocals and connect to them in that way.

  7. KillerKikyo5

    Maybe shes just flexible. And you gave no idea what position she is in this cvideo. Rihanna didnt even do all this it was the media so.

  8. thepackripper89

    I was a Captain in the United States Army before I became a Phoenix Police Officer. You try having ak rounds fly pass your head as a 18 year old pvt gets shot multiple times in the neck and arm. Just like that; he’s dead. Why don’t you watch as a humvee explodes from an ied and every single man in that vehicle burns to a crisp. Why don’t you respond to a call of “906 officer down!”. I’ve seen life in ways you’ll never see it. If you do not except Jesus now you might not live tomorrow to.

  9. BrowCaleb

    Ha at your non sequiturs.
    Wishing 13 year old girls get tortured for all eternity and “ass raped” by Satan… sounds Satanic, no? But Satanists and Christians are all the same: just powerless dogs we left lost in the dark.
    You are no one’s superior, I assure you. You are a voiceless fool whose greatest accomplishments are worth nothing more than a laugh in our all seeing eyes. You are just another existentially meaningless failure under our feet, exactly where you belong.

  10. thepackripper89

    Stupid cunt. This is why America is going down the drain. Stupid liberals like you. How old are you little girl, 13, 14? Thats right. Grow up and stop talking to your superiors like they’re a three year old baby. Enjoy getting ass raped in hell by satan.

  11. BrowCaleb

    Too late, I’ve decided I want to let you people believe this shit. The average American only lives for about 27,000 days (if he/or she is lucky), I’m not going to waste any of them trying to help you. Anyway, I kind of love the thought of you in constant fear, knowing that we will always be better than you even though you’re praying your little heart out. We will always be holding you down. Nothing can help you; even you can’t help yourself. Awww, I love it.

  12. thepackripper89

    Why don’t you learn the HUMAN anatomy! The picture is clearly altered. Go to any physician and they will tell you that position is impossible unless digitally altered. Is it also a coincidence shes in a triangle and her body looks just like the devil? It clearly says in one music video that shes the princess of the illuminati! Why don’t you research the whole illuminati first. Like JayZ’s song D’evils.”Dear god, I wonder if you can save me, illuminati got my soul mind and my body”.etc.

  13. Jordan Robinson

    Some food for thought…Everyone says Jay z, kanye,and rihanna is an illumanati or a free mason. Suppose he is neither but the fact that people give him more notice thinking he is, he deliberately makes his video to suggest he is truly one, encouraging more people to watch and listen to his music, to become more interested and a clever means of making more money…a publicity stunt! think for yourself

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