Illuminati In Wiz Khalifas Black And Yellow

Killuminati1773 asked:

A Quick Video On A Satanic Symbol That Ive Found In Wiz Khalifa Black And Yellow , And I Am The 1st To Find This So Yeah , Enjoy And Dont Worry No Scary Poping Images , Thanks Rate Subcribe And Ill Be Making More Videos So Stay Tuned


  1. TaylorGangorDie01

    your a fucking retard! so just because some side person in a music video has a shirt you automatically think that wiz is in the illuminati Fuck off its a fucking side person who is supposed to fill up the music video the kid whore it doesnt mean wiz is in the illuminati!! TGOD TAYLOR GANG OR SHUT DOWN THIS FUCKING YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

  2. jimtheguru1


    what are your views on the illuminati?

    iamguch 3 months ago

    @iamguch there is not illuminati. people spend mad time worrying about organizations that don’t exist, when there’s way worse ones affecting our everyday lives. who needs the illuminati when you have the cia?

    lazytrigga 3 months ago 7


    lazytrigga 3 months ago

    Top Comments

    Wow, 2 rap songs with a 4/4 beat.

    This is clearly an illuminati conspiracy

  3. xXCynniCalGamiNgXx

    what a douchebag move
    “i found it first before anyone else” yah explain why ur vid has no views and this other guy has over 10000 so clearly u arent the first

  4. RWP21989

    dude black and yellow are 2 of the devils colors. and that whole song is full of cryptic inuendo.

  5. herbicuz

    im almost sure that its an obey shirt i picked up a shirt from them with that picture of the goat god on it …

  6. xPRPLKUSH420x

    Hey shit head they wen for the capital builden the Pentagon and the towers and bush wad the one who did it sure about all that you sit here today and say that but if you could have been in with the familys your junk dood you are a real piece of shit

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