Illuminati Expose – Make Ya Eyes ‘Light Up’ Pt. 2

ThisIsYungNTV asked: - Official Page Support By "Liking" "YouTruth" Donate Link - LETS HELP 1000000'S OF PEOPLE KNOW THE TRUTH. SONG DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW This is Part Two to my Original "Make Ya Eyes 'Light Up'" video that went viral (500000+ views) 9 months ago when i created my channel. Thank you so much for your continued sharing and support. NOW Please Take Note of These 4 Very Important Things. 1. I am not saying anybody in this video is "IN" The Illuminati. They are PUPPETS. 2. I am not saying anybody in this video worships the devil, They are PUPPETS (Although some in the video OPENLY do worship Satan) 3. The purpose of this video is to get you to understand the Illuminati IS real, who's a puppet is not important, and if you want to get really deep the puppet masters aren't either...the puppet master's MASTER is....The Devil...the true genius behind the upcoming New World Order, which leads me to point 4. 4. Find it's too late.... Enjoy


  1. teangawaru shakur

    all my Killuminati brothers! lets all prepare and get strapped! because verbal information aint reaching ignorant dumb nuts’ lets just take action into our own hands and cause physical harm on those heartless iluminati cunts !

  2. kkariwilliamsW

    I feel you when I first learned about it it scared me but im happy I know its like i was blind for so long but I just pray for others and pray for myself and love Jesus!

  3. Bungiedefenders

    OFWGKTA- odd future being the new world order, kill them all meaning decreasing human population.

    NWO-remember the WCW group? they too were “wolf pack”

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