Hip Hop and the Occult Confession of a insider.part 1

ReALluMiNaTi asked:

Confessions of a music industry insider, WAKE UP!! TURN OFF YOUR RADIO!! y do u think Marleys dead..Tupacs dead...John lennons dead..any artist that stands up to the NWO gets taken out, wake up!


  1. beth37214

    @leesoarez I’m ok w/ you feeling that way toward me :) It’s ok. “Remember the words I spoke to you: ‘No servant is greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also.” John 15:20 -I’ll be praying for you :) ….all good.

  2. K777angel

    @spa05akw I am not really into Hip Hop either but really it’s in all different types of media. Not sure if you knew this or not. :)

  3. beth37214

    Thank you for sharing this! I will be praying that people are exposed. The Lord is STILL in control…satan’s time is limited.

  4. spa05akw

    I hated Hip Hop and similar SHIT just right from THE BEGINNING I heard it. Gratulation to my intuition.

  5. rdknight6

    @greeneyez63 This is childs play compared to their real agendas, this is just the music and etertainment industry, stop buying into it, idiot! You should be worried about what they are about to do, you have no fucking clue?

  6. Ravenous11yt

    Mark of the Beast is the Hexagram (Seal of Solomon, six pointed star)
    Name of a man = Solomon
    Number of its name = 666 talents of gold collected by Solomon in one year
    6 hundred, three score, and 6
    Three pairs of triangles with their apexes touching. Each pair collectively represents the number 6, which qualifies the whole symbol as a graphical representation of 666

    Solomon was the apostate king of israel that led judah into idolatry and worship of the gods of the mystery religions (satan)

  7. Ravenous11yt

    If you do not know who Solomon is and his relationship to the occult especially freemasonry and qabala you will be deceived endtimes. Wide is the path that leads to destruction, straight and narrow is the path that leads to the kingdom few find it.

    Check my profile!!!! I have everything you need to know, mark of the beast is seal of solomon (hexagram) false prophet is Obama, and Thomas Plantard is the antichrist! Israel is Mystery Babylon!

  8. ashdatgirl93

    it’s not just the music…it’s everywhere we go. companies , stores , internet , they are behind everything. the elite control the world. even the cars we drive around….do research and find out where the origin of the symbols on our cars come from. we need to pay attention and take this seriously.this is our lives and the lives of our children. but as long as you stay close to god a take a stand you will have nothing to worry about.

  9. MrAzdaz

    Spielberg is the illuminaties number one in Hollywood. it’s pretty easy to see how he has carried their agenda forth and subverted the normal state of things via Schindlers List for one which was singlehandidly responsible for drumming up support for Jews and making them the untoucables via critisim etc thereby subtly programming people to support the Jewish fight for a homeland in Israel.Seems like it was designed to fill; Gentiles with over bearing guilt via identification with Nazis.

  10. TheDiamond123123

    people constantly say that music now days has “no meaning” and have “shit” lyrics… that’s what I thought too… boy was I WRONG… :D

    I basicly listen to satanic messages… all the ufo/alien/anunnaki/light being storys, all the ancient civilisation storys, all the movies, tv programs, music…. shit….. DAMN DAMn daaAAym!

  11. whoelseknows

    Do you hear the static at some points? That’s them listening in. They have the capabilities to listen in and have for sometime now. For you that think this is b.s. Go about your merry way, this is for people that are awake and need to be informed further. Don’t worry, us nut cases always end up protecting you when something happens. Go watch Jersey Shore. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch.

  12. parmavioletsyum

    There is more than enough evidence to show that there is something very sinister going on. I think that most people do not want to know the truth; they are too brainwashed and would rather stay blind.
    I admit that I too was blind to all of this but it is just blatant what they are doing; it cannot be dismissed anymore. PEOPLE WAKE UP AND FIND JESUS CHRIST LORD AND SAVIOUR!!!

  13. theywarnedus


  14. Meathead36

    @BringingDaRuckus This goes far beyond the hip hop/rap in fact its even in country music going back for decades. They certainly are not doing it for publicity. There is an alterior motive.

  15. SubliminalMinded2011

    @BringingDaRuckus I know we’re here commenting under this video,…but this stuff is old news. People are just starting to see it MORE because of the internet. Myself, personally, I’ve studied all of this information back in 1995. I didn’t even have a computer back in 1995.
    These arcane fraternal orders/ organizations are NOT the government. They influence the governement. Its all about money. I can verify what Alan speaks on because I’ve researched it well over a decade ago.

  16. ILoveYahoshua

    @BringingDaRuckus yes if 10 million people look up to them, then that’s perfect they can use that rapper to mind controll the 10 million duh !!! keep them busy why they mess up the damn world.

  17. SubliminalMinded2011

    @BringingDaRuckus I encourage you to read about the Tavistock Institute.
    Most of us just dismiss what celebrities (rappers & singers) do as mere “entertainment”.
    Nothing that they do is just art for art’s sake.
    Research: why MGM, Lions Gate, and the British Royal family all use the LION as a symbol?
    Look up the importance behind the lion.
    Ask yourself: who do SO MANY people all like the same thing?
    Everything they do has a definitive meaning behind it.

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