1. 77ScarFace11

    Here’s a different perspective of what Jay-Z might be about blog realspeak.co check the article Jay-Z Nolluminati on the right

  2. weezyfan20

    @alee0294 ^^^^ EXACTLY. everything connects and makes sense to me iv’e known about it for 7 months now.

  3. alee0294

    man people need to pay attention to the lyrics because once u know about illuminati u can make connections with there videos or lyrics like the drake owl when i saw it i knew what it was

  4. niickstar92

    6:53 his “relationship” with jay z … gay cunts hahaha.. also notice how gay he starts to talk

  5. Felicity

    I am so angry,people are in darkness .people stilll don’t know that Mandela is a member of of a secret society he is serving the system I don’t care who says what! He is not going to die until they have achieved their goals he is the biggest instrument or weapon that they use.watch out! We need to pray hard.most south Africans are ignorant,illuminati is dangerous their mission is to kill,steal and to destroy just like their father ‘devil’.see what is happening the entertaiment industry in mzansi is gradually changing they have adopted the American lifestyle,lord have mercy!!!i see destruction!!!

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