Bobby Dash Exposes The True Reason for Rocafella’s Break-Up!

RugahTV asked:

An interview with Bobby Dash (Dame Dash's brother) where he gives the inside scoop on what caused the Rocafella break-up on the Rugah TV with Benny Negro!


  1. sunj5976

    the break up was no one’s fault people grow from boys to men, and ur priorities change and ur views on life change,
    all that happened was jay’s mentality went from brotherly relationship to business relationship, and dame didnt change.
    dame wants to battle the corporates and do it their way, loyal to his crew and family,
    jay on the otherhand wanted to make smart business moves, and left the guys holdin him back,,,

  2. unclerobb49

    Reading is DETRIMENTAL in the music business IF YOU DON’T DO IT and learn the game…on PAPER!!! It’s about the BEST CONTRACTS not the Biggest Contacts…FACT!

  3. CelebsRStupid

    @hypedigg Whether people are outsiders looking in, we are free to make any claim or opinion we want. The Philosophy behind business depends on the person who is running their company, their values and morals, ethics, Egoism vs. Altruism. But I dont want to waste my time talking to a black-and-white mind working on a color-coded problem.

  4. hypedigg

    @CelebsRStupid BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You make what you’re worth. Dame ain’t starving and Biggs ain’t starving. Everyone else are outsiders looking in. The philosophy behind business and wealth is capitalism. Both Jay, Dame, and anyone in the game are capitalist. Some win. Some lose.

  5. kclmnop89

    @slim4real thats your opinion on if he sounds dumb..i dont deabte opinion..however i agree that hes genius.thats all i was sayin

  6. slim4real

    @kclmnop89 master p ran shit from corporate standpoint..he was always about generational wealth…if a man can get rich off of the crack and dope game without falling short of his true destination which was fame via hiphop, television, book deals, telecommunication…i cant be made at that. it is safe to assume that master p, romeo, silk da shocker, and anyone directly involved in his circle probably never has to work again…the man sounds dumb on wax and during interviews but truly is a genius

  7. kclmnop89

    @slim4real yea i fucks wit jay z,dipset,beanie and jus bout all of da other niggas besides bleek lol..i mean thats why im looking at this video..i wasnt talkin about jay when i spoke of the music of today..he obviously agrees wit what i say (DOA) jus sayin you cant speak about master p like hes a nobody..cause there was a point in the game when he ran it

  8. slim4real

    @kclmnop89 i am a rocafella fan and i have a true appreciation for the rocafella movement in the mid 90’s to early 2000’s. however, the movement is strictly jay-z right now and you just have to embrace greatness and leave the bs in the past. he goes in great depth about the past which is fine…but the now and future is jiggaaaaaaa!!!

  9. kclmnop89

    @slim4real say what u want..he was hot at the time and did alot for rap..and at least he was orginal..more than you can say about this shit nowadays

  10. stali28

    @cdawg i think he just babbling for spotlight cause i never heard of him til this post,if thats what he’s TRYING to say he should just say JAY WAS GREEDY cause he can’t say that …they were all greedy but jay was way smarter

  11. cdawg43o

    i think what he means is that 1 billion is 1 billion to one person, but it’s “only” 500 million each for 2 people, and 333 million each for 3 people, and so on and so on. he’s basically saying jay-z got greedy and wanted it all instead of sharing.

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