Beyonce’s Secret Illuminati 2012 Message

JMoney4shoTV asked:

This talks about Beyonce's secret message in the song Signs which is off of Beyonce's 1st solo album dangerously in love..


  1. killuminatimasonry

    Unfornatelly . . .

    This is dajjal era :(

    This is fate.

    We can change it  when Imam Mahdi and Isa come.

  2. redgirltp

    It is so scary how many ignorant sheeple are in the world. Even with all the evidence in front of them that the Illuminati exists, they still deny it. Most likely because they don’t want to believe their favorite artist is a part of it. That is exactly why they have so much power now because people like them are brainwashed and sleeping and are letting them take control of everything. WAKE UP PEOPLE, PLEASE!

  3. JMoney4shoTV

    @20mariana16 IDIOT.. DUH that was the point of putting that message in their and I reversed it so people can understand what was being said.. Trying to be smart is something you’re not good at.. Good day… lmao

  4. JMoney4shoTV

    @TheSuperstarNext Actually your the dumb one.. In the bible it says people wil perish due to their LACK of knowledge and you sir lacks of one.. I will pray that you see the light

  5. JMoney4shoTV

    @Stephaniederandamie Well if you don’t have time don’t watch simple be ignorant if you want to be but the NWO is happening regardless if you like it or not.. you can walk away now but don’t come crying to me when Satan rules and army men come busting in your door locking you in a concentration camp.. Get your life right with Jesus… I’m getting people AWARE so exposing these people is what’s need to be done to get people to WAKE UP..

  6. JMoney4shoTV

    @xCapeTheDrama You are so ignorant and sadly you will be one of those who are lost when the NWO happens.. I will pray for you.. Trying to educate people about what is really going on in the world and actually trying to HELP people is not a waste of time in my world.. My question is what do you do in your spare time?? Are you helping people or are you doing nothing with your life and just being selfish?

  7. JMoney4shoTV

    @chonai2 FOR FYI.. I know she says that in FORWARD.. My question is why did she put so much emphasis on the AQUARIUS sign and then attempted to hide it by saying it in backwards 4 times only for people to reverse it… Why not say it in forward?? They’re trying to install this AQUARIUS new age in us… Brainwashing us

  8. JMoney4shoTV

    @emykol Trying to be smart I’ve actually accomplished a lot.. Let’s see I graduated college in 2011, got my own house and I have a very successful job making $14.00 an hour and oh by the way I am getting married.. So NO I don’t have time on my hands and AT LEAST I’M TRYING TO HELP people by getting them educated about the world unlike your dumb behind.. trying to chump someone off by a computer screen.. dummy LMAO

  9. JMoney4shoTV

    @samanthasaysso This song was made in 2003!!! WAAAYY before even Ivy Blue Carter was thought of…

  10. medusa7ful

    abrahim was going to sacrifice Isaac, his son too. That’s what he did practice sacrafice. Research it.

  11. rang3r34

    These human sacrifices…Aren’t they what they do at the Bohemian Gardens? Seriously, what can we do to prepare for this?? Obama is tearing up our rights in front of our very eyes.

  12. SeidAufmerksam

    I don’t think the new world order will come at the end of 2012 but I think there will be a lot of changes secretly caused by secret organisations (so called Illuminati….)
    In my opinion its just going to be the next BIG step towards the NWO, maybe they will da another false flag attack (londin olympics 2012), mabye they will really do project blue beam, we dont know – but its better to be informed because it COULD happen and then its good to be prepared, just dont make silly jokes about it…..

  13. livelaughlovek3

    me and my family believe this is very true the devil will lose this war ! i know a lot of people won’t believe this but there is only one god jesus christ and his mother mary will help us !

  14. PawneeStud

    Something lingers over me like a cloud. I feel like something is going to happen. I’m not into conspiracy theories BUT I think something BAD will happen. It may not be now but when it happens….we have to stick together guys. Don’t give into evil.

  15. emosceneskillz567

    If this shit is rral what do we do? And since they just have a baby will he be evil to ?

  16. worldwidedream84

    Good video! Thank you for doing the research. I am always looking for good research about Illuminati. Seems the more successful I become the more this stuff interest me. Because who knows what pawn we are playing in someone else game!

  17. FAAAT0H

    Beyonce baby is born this year.. probaly illuminatis told her to get the baby in the year of aquarius

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