2012 Mayan Day of Death Prophecy Phobos (Mayan Fear)

Kevinread68 asked:

This is a trailer for the new book Phobos by Steve Alten (in which I am a character)!! Please watch this, and if it interests you, get the book! pass it on to friends, family, anyone you know who loves a great book - Steve's books are incredible - he is a literary genius! If you haven't read his work yet, I highly suggest you go buy any of his books - and get hooked!! A dazzling look at Mayan mythology incarnate from New York Times bestselling author Steve Alten For two thousand years, the Mayan Calendar has prophesied the end of mankind on a date equating to December 21st, 2012. As that day approaches, greed, corruption, economic collapse, and violence seem to be pushing our species to the predicted brink of disaster. But there is another Doomsday threat looming in our near future, a very real threat that can wipe-out not only humanity but our entire planet. Phobos: Mayan Fear, Steve Alten's third book in the Mayan Prophecy series, is a doomsday rollercoaster ride of adventure that follows Immanuel Gabriel to the end of the world and back again for one last shot at salvation. During Immanuel's journey with his deceased grandfather, archaeologist Julius Gabriel, Julius reveals everything the Mayans knew and feared—from the secrets of creation that predate the Big Bang to the existence of extraterrestrials that have come to Earth to save our species. The universe is not what it seems, nor is human existence. The ticking clock of physicality that begins at conception and ...


  1. MrNibiru10

    Mayen calender ended in Oct 28th 2011 & Nothing happened. the Mayan Elders carried their 13 Crystal skulls from Manhattan,NY to L.A finishing it on 11-11-11 of their ritual, again nothing happened. YU55 2005 Asteroid never happened. Elenin still yet to be known as well as Blue Kachina Red Kachina & Nibiru theories. all events all man made lies. and no proof. ! all evil to me i believe and people are not aware of it.

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