The murder of Trayvon martin by George Zimmerman has created long ripples of anger in the black communities
both here in the USA and across the water in Britian's black areas.

The killer has not even been arrested and the surge for demands for justice has meant many people are now saying Jews can kill with impunity, Wayne Carlson of the black peoples alliance has said "this is the USA not Palestine" and is speaking about a possible backlash, the fear is that racial unrest will set city centres alight such as seen recently when blacks rioted in Britian after a black man was shot by police and paralells are being drawn with the Jewish murder of Rachel Corrie, a bystander when she was run over by a bulldozer at walking pace and killed, with no one called to answer.

At military bases new bumper stickers say, " one rule for Jews and one for blacks " and some are saying no more wars for Israel until Zimmerman stands trial, anger and unrest with black soldiers is being currently dealt with at high level.

The wider implications show Obama is putting another nation before his own and even in white communities there is talk of injustice.
N. Ahmed

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  1. East Bay Truther

    Trayvon Martins father is a Freemason? His name is Tracy Martin and is pictured with full Freemasonic garb.

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