Does anyone know the name of this movie?

I seen a movie but forgot the name,
It was like 5 collage students who go to this house to stay
and it's haunted, and it has to do with this clock that the girl keeps her diary in, and 2 of the kids are ghosts after getting killed and haunting the house and one of them is named Edele, and Nick, the one girl is psycic, the others boyfriend is a drug dealer, and yeah, please help.


  1. MystMoonstruck

    Spirit Trap (2005)
    starring Billie Piper, Luke Mably, Sam Troughton, Emma Catherwood
    IMDb synopsis:
    In London, four students have a call from the student accommodation office of the local university offering lodging in an old house. Psychic Jenny, graphics design student Nick, and lovers/drug dealers Tom and Adele are welcomed by Tina. Nick fixes a spirit clock, and soon, Jenny sees crimes that happened in the house in the past, when two lovers died. Along the two next days, Jenny, Nick, Tom and Adele disclose that each one of them had killed a person on the past and also that they are trapped in the house, since a ghost is claiming a killer for a killer to release the soul of Edmund Joseph.
    Here’s a music video featuring film clips:
    I’ve watched this a number of times on cable movie channels, including at least twice this year.

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