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Signals and Signs of Freemasonry


the Freeman Perspective "Codex Magica"

Montage from the Freeman Perspective with guest Texe Marrs. Learn what Texe and Freeman have to say about the Illuminati symbolism. For the full 2 hour DVD visit http://thefreemanperspective.blogspot.com/


Texe Marrs' Codex Magica

Codex Magica is awesome in its scope and revelations. It contains over 1,000 actual photographs and illustrations. You'll see with your own eyes the world's leading politicians and celebrities—including America's richest and most powerful—caught in the act as they perform occult magic. Once you understand their covert signals and coded picture messages, your world will never be the same. Destiny will be made manifest. You will know the truth and everything will become clear.

They vowed you would never know. They thought there was no way you could possibly unmask the sick things they have been hiding. They were wrong. Now, thanks to the incredible revelations in this amazing book, you can discover their innermost secrets. You can identify the members of the Illuminati and unravel their astonishing plan to control and manipulate. You can crack the Illuminati code. - www.codexmagica.com


Sample and Pictures of Texe Marrs' Codex Magica

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, wearing a "Mao Tse Tung" peasant outfit and fashion look, clearly giving the Baphomet/Priory of Sion sign. This cover and feature article in Time (March 1, 1999) examined Hillary Clinton's possible candidacy for the U.S. Senate from the state of New York in the upcoming election (2000). In fact, Ms. Clinton ran and won. Was the symbology displayed (Priory of Sion Sign) predictive of her future successful run?

cmbill_clinton.jpgSaid by political analysts to be one of the most important addresses of his political career, in late August 1998, President Bill Clinton went on national television to give a limited mea culpa ("I am sorry") for his sexual indiscretions with the young White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. Just moments before the TV cameras roll, Clinton sets his face in a sober, resolute attitude. With his Baphomet/Priory of Sion hand sign, he invokes success and blessings from the ruler and forces of darkness.

cmdanny_glover.jpgActor Danny Glover, notorious for his Marxist liberal political activism, sends a cabalistic message through the medium of AARP magazine, also known for its Marxist and Jewish agenda. Glover is signaling deep occultic spirits to empower his quest.



cmteresa_heinz-kerry.jpgTeresa Heinz-Kerry, the fabulously rich heiress of a colonialist fortune, who married two—count them—two U.S. Senators who were each initiates of the Skull & Bones, John Heinz and John Kerry (Teresa married Kerry after Heinz was killed in a mysterious airplane crash). Teresa, a Jewess whose maiden name was Simoes-Ferreira, is a board member of the Illuminati-run Carnegie Institute, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a member of the Brookings Institute. Illuminati institutions all.

cmmiss_cleo.jpgAd in a tabloid for Miss Cleo, who became somewhat of a TV icon in the 1990s hawking her psychic abilities as a Tarot Card reader. Her money-making powers dimmed when the Feds launched an investigation of what some reported as a scam.



cmsharon_and_bush.jpgThis scene is set at the White House in March, 2001, with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and President George W. Bush both presenting mirror-image descending (female, delta, or vulva) triangles. Two triangles joined together constitute a Jewish Star of David. For added subliminal power, the room was arranged so that the bush of Lincoln was directly behind Sharon. The message: In bludgeoning hapless Palestinians and denying them their own state, Sharon is simply being Lincolnesque. After all, Lincoln put down the Southern insurrection right?


Codex Magica by Texe Marrs
The Freeman Perspective
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  1. Xina

    Where did you find this? Good job! These hand signals have been used for centuries. There can be no doubt that they are among the many forms of symbology used among the covert elite to identify themselves to each other.

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