The Common Purpose organisation began in 1984 working on School teachers adult education and local government, it was soon infiltrating all public bodies training people for leaders in the "New Way " with its own methods drives and directives, Peter Mindyourson is the top Rothschild apparatchik in charge who instigated the disaster of the Millenium Dome Company, with its attempted imitation of the 1951 Festival of Britain "Tonies Dome " quickly managed to lose £800 million, and £300 million of which was secretly funneled into one of New Labours 7000 subversive government quangos, to encourage the drive to celebrate diversity, Multicultuarism, government people trafficking and the promotion of Homosexuality.
Records now have to be kept in Schools and nurseries of any child who says something which can be construed as sexist or racist,
and are then questioned about the beliefs and home lives of parents and a watch put on them, as soon as children enter senior school they can enroll for youth Common Purpose training.
These Common Purpose leaders and there are 80, 000 trainees in 36 cities are to be brought to power when Britian is totally ruled by the EU, and it is their brainchild using the subliminal methods of Edward Bernays and Ivan Pavlov of Pavlovs dogs fame, and Operation Monarch mind control
with NLP and masss hypnosis, the idea is that they will promote under managers and staff who will also be Common Purpose.
Cherie Blair's Matrix Chambers is said to hold much legal preporatory paperwork on this, although to her credit Cheri is said to have baulked at this total betrayal of the British nation to the EU and the extinguishing of Britian's sovereignty, and bitterly argued with Peter Mandelson,
Cheries own family fought in W W II to not enter the EU.
Today Common Purpose runs the NHS with its top heavy bureaucratic pen pushers three to every one actual worker and deaths in hospitals and care homes are now an official secret, the BBC, has been advocating Homosexuals and freemasons to top positions for some while, and the contents of some dumbed down BBC material in terms of unnecessary violence heterophobia and pornography is obvious.
The heavy Common Purpose influence in the police and the legal profession, shows they are totally out of touch with the public, if you try to report a crime you will yourself be verbally abused and investigated, and court decisions often beggar belief with no bearing on reality, the Royal Mail, church, schools, local councils, the Civil Service, government ministries, and even Parliament all contaminated with political correctness.
Common Purpose is listed as registered charity no 2832875 Common Purpose describes itself as being in Adult education.
The intel and police are so infltrated with anti-British trainnes that any Cheif Constables and senior members not involved are removed, Cressida Dick who is the Common Purpose senior oficer who authorised the "shoot to kill" murders on the young Brazilian jean Charles De-Menez who was shot 7 times in the head without warning is reminiscent of an Israeli style attack in the occupied territories.
Royal Mail under studies by Prof.John Manning and bullyonline boss Tim field, has been named for the worst employer in the whole of Europe for managerial racial and sexual bullying and harassment, suicides are hidden under the Official secrets act, and Peter Mandelson promised the Royal mail union the CWU and the teaching union the NUT, that if they supported him getting Tony Blair and New Labour elected he would not bring in automated sorting machines for the post office and there would not be any job losses, mail Union boss Allan Johnson suddenly leaves and is made an MP,
and 30,000 postmen are being bullied and pushed into leaving their jobs or reasons are manufactured to sack them to bring in automation.
Bullying is part and parcel of Common Purpose, from workers in job centres and social security to policemen, intimidation and condescension is the game, Common Purpose is about brainwashing and eliminating democracy.


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