Unholy Communion: Casualties of a Cosmic War from Joseph Jordan on Vimeo.

The UFO phenomenon explained by MUFON researcher Joseph Jordan who claims that calling on Christ to alleviate the abduction phenomenon not only works, but is being covered up.

a)The family showcased at the end have been repeatedly mentioned on A&E Channel without ever mentioning that they are now healed of the abusive abduction phenomenon that plagued them.

b) It seems likely that there are many ways we can open ourselves up to demonic energies, especially when we do not follow rules of the bible or know about the occult knowledge. The latter is not fool-proof as the wisest man in the bible, Solomon, fell prey to his own hubris and the tales of former satanists and witches, etc are quite telling and similar: Jesus Christ is the only way out.

c) the ways to open ourselves up to demonic are all consciousness-based, ultimately, but include films, tv, music, mind-altering substances (I say this as a person who loves herb, but have stopped smoking), etc... Herb is probably a medicine that even Terrance McKenna said was abused by most and should only be used once a week, ideally.

[link to vimeo.com]

d) some of the top researchers such as Jaque Vallee and J Allen Hyneck were convinced the phenomenon was demonic/other dimensional...


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