The New Freeman TV

Have you been to the new Sign up for the new FreemanTV Newsletter on the Home Page.
The new site features the catagories: Space War News - Hollywood Mind Control - Illuminati Symbolism - Human Cloning
Each section is updated almost daily with new articles, videos, radio shows, and live presentations.
Everything on FreemanTV will remain free. I can use your help to continue my work. Please Subscribe to Sponsor FreemanTV.

The Friendship Agenda has been a total success. We are now in California meeting with friends of the show and celebrities such as, Jordan Maxwell.

Jamie and I are hard at work creating Weird Stuff: An Encyclopedia of the Occult. The first edition will be "Operation: Culture Creation" detailing the occult in Hollywood.

This will be a tool for you to share knowledge with your friends. You'll want to get a copy!

I have much more to bring to you. Have you seen my Photography Section or my latest Radio Appearance?
And, don't miss the great interviews in the Listen Live Section
Write back and let me know what you think of the new FreemanTV design.
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Stay in touch,Freeman

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  1. Mattie Lonzo

    As I say when I am not going to do something, “I will get right on it”. Problem is even if you do get people’s/your data backed up to a drive/storage device like that, you have to keep backing up your files (reversioning), so you’ll need some nifty software also. In addition, finding stuff is probably going to need some software help. I am with you 100%. I am sure owning one of these monster drives fascinates someone, but not me either. Good news is that the online backup wheel has already been invented.

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