We stand by and wonder with amazement as the country fills up with ex-Soviet bloc peoples
who now take our jobs and our homes with impunity, and we ask how can this have happened ?
Back in the 1930s Lord Rothschild collected together the riff-raff of the upper classes at Trinity college
and bought their services for communism, these men almost all depraved homosexuals,
sold thier souls to Rothschild to lobby for communism to come to Britain.
Adolf Hitler said in his book Meil Kampf ( my struggle ) that he would stand up against Stalins promise of
communism sweaping Europe and Britian, but needed support from his fellow Anglo-saxons against the Bolshevic/jewish terror, now some in Britain and the USA supported this idea, but the jewish owned media propagandised
and lobbied with bought politicians for  another nice war, which was not long in coming.
Kim Philby before his death said the jews and communists tricked him and he was sorry for what we did,
because we demolished the only man who was prepared to stand up against Stalins communist totalitarianism,
we were now vulnerable and straight after W W II ended the foreign deluge began, and Britian is now a country under foreign occupation  and we have more soviet bloc peoples here that our own,
and now Rothschilds homosexuals run the show, its called gay rights now and we destroyed our anglo-saxon freinds in  Germany in W W II
to bring all this in.
So now you know.


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