Some years ago restricted documents from John Prescott's New Labour office suggested as the finances were not there to repair Britain's detiorating road network one sugestion was that Rothschild's would take over the road network and do repairs and initiate a toll system to pay for it.
One aspect was for people to show a payment card and then have access to the toll roads which were promised to be free from the dangerous ruts and potholes which presently afflict our roadways.
But things are never that simple and early preliminary paperwork suggested other things on this card such as address, criminal history and medical files would also be shown, and the toll booths to the roadway would decide if you could travel through or not, the London Olympics had one lane just for big-wigs, which was similar to the Rothchild inspired Soviet road system, which had run in Russia for some years for party members only.
In 1951 Winston Churchill appointed Ernest Marples who had been a captain in the Royal Artillery into a position of junior cabinet minister, and under Harold Macmillan and Alec Douglas Home 1957-1964 Marples held several vitally important positions in the conservative government.

Ernie Marples, The premium bonds were named after him
Churchill in his dealings to get the USA involved in W W II had agreed with the Rothschild banks
that Britian would de-industrialise, which was contrary to the Nevile Chamberlain/Hitler agreement that Britain should keep its empire and industrial base.
Britain had a motor industry that had to retool after the war and pretty well start again, the money was just not there so the government initiated a campaign for people to buy British motor cars vans and lorries, called "Buy British " which appealed for British people to buy British cars, and Ernest Marples the Transport Minister was told to take a leaf out of Adolf Hitlers book by building decent motorways so people could travel better and faster, Marples a cyclist knew nothing of motorcars and did not even have a driving license, but had his own motorway building firm called Marples/Ridgeway and Britain's first 193 mile motorway called the M1 or Motorway 1
built in 1959, the opening was marred by a ton up boy on a fast motorbike running rings around the police going up and down at top speed, the bike was a Matchless G 45 racer, and the flming of the first opening had to be cancelled and Marples stormed off in a furious huff.

Matchless G 45
The railways and canal traffic act 1854 was abolished by pressure from Rothschild, giving Marples the power to do anything he wished regarding British transport.
The government helped things along on the motorcar front by bringing in 10 year tests so that they could condemn the older cars so people would have to buy new, Dr Beeching was asked to close much of the railways forcing people onto the roads to then buy the cars, pay road tax tax on fuel insurance etc but people unable to now travel to work had no money to buy cars and many were thrown on the dole.
The motor industry was beset with problems, the Soviets under active measures did everything possible to wreck as much industry as possible and various car firms alagamated into the BMC, or British Motor Corporation, then Austin/Morris then British Leyland then Austin/Rover then it was all just closed down and given away.
The Rothschild plan to de industrialise Britain would later reach its climax under the Thatcher regime.
In 1963 when Lord Denning investigated the Profumo affair he found that Marples was getting road contracts through freemason contacts even though there were many lower tenders for the work,
it also came out that girls from the Christine Keeler Mandy Rice-Davies stable were sleeping with him and Duncan Sandys the son in law of Winston Churchill were also implicated, MI5 interviewd Jock Colville in private about Churchill's taste in young boys and the whole matter was hushed up,
and never appeared in lord Dennings final report, Sir Anthony Blunt was supplying boys to the rich and famous and delighted in informing the Soviets of the goings on about Profumo and freinds, and pressure was put on so many British socialist sympathisers to gain any further info for them, this coincided with a Jewish led communist plot to expose any German soldiers who had made a life after W W II in Britain as "natzis " and embarrass Britian by bringing prosecutions of these men assisted by vicious propaganda from the jewish press, a Jewish owned small pub frequented by Mi5 men in Chelsea had posters up asking if anyone knew of German nationals from the war living here, one Mi5 man rubbed the menu from a large blackboard outside the pub and wrote,
" Simon Weisenthal we will get you " acompanied by a small swastica, which caused outrage,
much to the delight of the MI5 men.
The Royal navy suffered badly when an Admiralty clerk called Vassall had his home searched and found in his wardrobe womens clothes and a mass of stolen high security documents, which included nuclear submarine updates, logs of ship movements, radar and anti-submarine tactics, code books and sheets on ORBAT or "Order of Battle " which is the lists of officers and seniority, this was the best catch for the Soviets in many years and they used it to modernise their Soviet navy, the problem was John Vassal had for some time been spending far more than he was earning, the Soviets would always tell them to say " you had a small inheritance " this one sentence alone should have rung alarm bells but it didnt,
the Soviets listening in to conversations were in fits of laughter at British incompetence, for when vassal had fulfilled his purpose the Soviets "burned him " to the British to protect another source.
John Vassal
The Soviets began under an initiative by Georgy Arbatov an agressive stance with several MI5 men being beaten in the course of their work, and several intel men began wearing brass knuckles on a thread inside their shirt, if a man sees a problem and puts his hand into his pocket this will exacerbate things, but to slip his hand between the buttons of his shirt and his fingers into brass knuckles this drastically gives him the edge.
Soviet tactics changed and the London docks began to feel the weight of communist incitement of their proxy organisations such as the SWP to support any strikes.
Prime Minister Harold Macmillan's daughter Catherine married into the Rothschild's family
and political influence and pressure on Macmillan was recognised as considerable
Harold "supermac " Macmillan
Marples was a silent partner in Mossad operative Peter Rachman's slum landlords empire, and advised by Rothschild's to put his money through Liechtenstein to avoid British taxes, but in 1975 was asked to back pay 30 years unpaid taxes, he upped and left Belgravia in the middle of the night leaving many Saville Row suits still hanging in the closet.
It would be a strange thing indeed if 55 years after its first proposal Rothschild did indeed take over the running of Britain's roads.
T Stokes london


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