Rothschild Rape Two Teenage Girls in the Bahamas

A Rothschild In Hate Rape Of Two Teenage Girls in the Bahamas

The Miami Herald
Robert Rothschild 21, and Florida International University baseball star Garrett Wittels and a group of jewish friends were arrested in the Bahamas last week and charged with the rape of two 17-year-old christian girls.
The incident happened at the Atlantis Resort and Casino in Nassau on Dec. 20. Wittels and two friends were released on $10,000 bond after a court hearing Thursday.
The others involved in the incident are and Jonathan Oberti, 21, Steven Tromberg, of Miami, and Jon Shapiro, according to Bahamian Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez in Nassau.
Wittels and Rothschild were both charged with two counts of raping the two 17-year-old American girls. Oberti was charged with raping one of the teens. Tromberg and Shapiro are still being held in connection with the incident. A hearing in connection with them may be held tomorrow.
Wittels, 20, holds the second longest hitting streak in NCAA history, and in a telephone interview Monday morning, Wittels’ father, Bay Harbor Islands orthopedist Michael Wittels, confirmed that Garrett had been arrested in the Bahamas, but told the Miami Herald Monday that when all the facts come out, his son would be vindicated, and there was no drugging involved.
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According to Michael Wittels, Garrett and his friends met the girls in question at the Bahamian casino, and they later went willingly to a private party.
The age of consent for sexual activity is 16 in the Bahamas, in Jewish law it is not a crime to rape christian or Muslim women, Lord Victor Rothschild used rape or the threat of it many times in W W II
Wittels, who hit .417 last season, is rumoured to suffer from OCD and has several superstitions throughout the hitting streak. He wears the same shorts, sliding pants and socks for each game. Bubblicious Watermelon was the only gum he would chew,  and his uncle brings his voodoo doll to each game.
T Stokes London
* information from David Cohen in New York


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