by Barry Chamish

The Informant - Menachem called me to let me know that Yochanan Spielberg was murdered in a ghastly manner in his home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachlaot. He was found with his hands and feet bound from behind, but that didn't stop him from hanging himself. The police declared it a suicide. In a Ha'aretz Hebrew report, the reporter found a rabbi who admitted that someone could commit suicide this way, and thus let the police off the hook. I won't grant such a luxury. Normal logic dictates that Yochanan was cruelly sent to his demise.
I didn't recall Dr. Spielberg at first but it turns out that some 20 years before I had interviewed him about his computer work with Prof. Eliyahu Ripps, discoverer of The Bible Code. We were remotely connected and his friend Menachem asked if I could look into the crime. By a remarkable coincidence, I had just begun communicating with quite the source, Ruth Cohen. We will return to her shortly, but first the deceased:

The Deceased - Dr. Spielberg, whose work in recent years is posted on his website, opened the conference by mentioning that the most recent meetings had been workshops for active researchers, while this conference was a conscious attempt to open it up more to the public. Dr. Spielberg also presented an overview of Bible codes, including recent examples obtained by his own software, Bible Search Pro.

Followed by an unedited Facebook defence of his memory, a fitting introduction to our crime:

When you go on camera and say Baruch HaShem another pedophile is dead in reference to the death(murder) of the saintly Rabbi Spielberg , it is your olam haba you endanger. May of us knew him very well and for many years. He was a tzadik gamur who never harmed an individual in his life , he was also vegan and did not harm animals or benefit from them.He fought to make the "Torah Codes " free and available by deveolping a computer program to allow access to them to the masses. He was a Rabbi and a PHD and a friend to everyone of his neighbors. He went out of his way to drive two of the elderly Rabbi's of the neighborhood to wherever they needed to go and visited on a daily basis in the hospital one of the sweetest tzadikim of the neighborhood who was nifter two days before Succot.Speak to anyone who knew him which you obviously did not and you will discover just who you have been slandering .And the police found no evidence on his computer or in his house against him.

What? Did we read this right? Yochanan was murdered because he was a pedophile! It turns out he was just one wrongly accused supposed pervert in the tiny Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachlaot. Located from the city's famed outdoor market to its first luxury highrises, Kiryat Wolfson,  Nachlaot can't be over 3 football fields in length, holding perhaps 1500 residents. Besides its ultra-orthodox majority, Nachlaot's offbeat character and inexpensive rents attract religious/hip American residents and they are prime child rape suspects.

"If in the charidi ghetto i don't know. It probably has to do with the recent scandal in nachalot in which the chareidi seem to have been trying to get the Americans arrested for the sins of some of their own people."

Eitan, Accused - Menachem led me to Eitan. Somehow a rumor spread that a large pedophilic ring was at work in Nachlaot and over 100 of its children were victims of sodomy. Eitan, along with a good two dozen Americans, were forced out of Nahlaot or risk the fate of Yochanan Spielberg. Currently, three suspects are being held by the police. None are American. To simplify matters, we will concentrate on one, Zalman Cohen because as Eitan proves, Ruth Cohen, the prime agitator against the pedophiles was raped by him almost a decade ago. To understand the naivete of Eitan, he claims, "It is not possible for a religious man or community to become this evil. Years ago, Zalman lived in a family apartment. The mother and children saw a spirit arise from Zalman's books, its body resting halfway in the floor. Zalman's behavior comes from this curse."

Barely a month ago, I exchanged Facebook letters with The Accuser - Ruth Cohen

Hi Barry,
Ruth Cohen commented on your link.
Ruth wrote: "oh i just got bashed by 2 very upright angry souls as i am treading on toes of those protecting,aiding and abetting the perverts here in my street. some big rabbi's and politicians are in real trouble when there ugly names will come out and they will. you know of course about mondrowitz, my neighbour, he brought others over and we are trying to get the connection - its really awful. skippy sidney marcus the gang leader of one gang of 9 is walking around free looking for new victims while babies and tiny tots were raped and 100 in treatment and only god knows how many more.i am really shaking up this city and turning it upside down. you have no idea what i am up too.skippy has police protection of course.bribes etc. and people still dont believe about the bribes but cant figure out why he is walking around and his half wit gangsters are in jail. nothing like denial.made huge damage and loss to the porn industry here all by myself. next. this is fun. next"

         Ruth's following letters gloried in the righteous murder of Yochanan Spielberg and suggested I read about Sarah Vorst. And I did. But first Ruth claimed that Zalman Cohen had raped her:  i wrote in to this site in 2008 about the raping rabbi's of jerusalem claiming that zalman cohen had raped me. now it is proven true and there is a court case going on and he raped children too which i did not know in 2008. Had the media here followed the story as i asked a lot of children would not have been raped and tortured.

Awaiting Trial, Zalman Cohen -

The indictment, filed by attorney Shulamit Ben-Yitzhak last Wednesday, describes how Cohen and another man allegedly abused several minors in a house in the Nahlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem in 2009 and 2010.
In one incident, Cohen and other men allegedly abused several boys and girls, by forcing them to undress and pair up in �couples� and perform sex acts. Cohen is alleged to have threatened two of the children with a toy gun, saying that if they told their parents about the abuse, he would kill them.
The indictment describes another incident in which Cohen is alleged to have abused two young girls in the bathroom of his house.

If the paranoia of finger-pointing leading to some forty falsely arrested suspects wasn't frightening enough, Sarah Vorst's assault upped the insanity:

A 70-year-old ultra-Orthodox woman found herself the target of a brutal religious hate crime on Monday night, when four thugs broke into her home and beat her up before leaving her handcuffed and bleeding. "They were sent by the Modesty Patrol," said the woman, Sarah Vorst. The thugs hit her repeatedly with a metal rod, breaking her right hand, crushing her left leg and injuring her face. They used their cell phones to document the attack, evidently to report back to those who sent them.

         Needless to say, Ruth Cohen delighted in Sarah Vorst's torture leading to anger against her campaign.

It is simply stupid to connect Skippy who you believe as the mastermind to Sarah Vorst , they live in two different worlds ,only separated physically by 300 meters but worlds apart just the same. And do you really believe Skippy is an evil predator , he has lived in the neighborhood for a long time , why just now , or perhaps as he protests and as the police found , he is innocent. I have no way of explaining to you how misguided your rants and the rants of a particular "Jewish Mother " a few doors down from you are. You are not protecting the children of the neighborhood by falsely accusing others.Several people who have been falsely accused have been dragged into the Russian Compound , handcuffed and leg shackled , humiliated , and after a day of interrogation set free. Step back take a deep breath and consider the damage that you have done.

But she stood up to her critics:

i wonder how many people who write in actually had the pleasure of meeting sarah vorst. a cold ice cold woman with no feelings at all and very evil.just so you know who she is. i personally spoke to her about why she sends girls to zalman cohen and she ran away. seeing as i am one of the many victims of his, i do have right to do so.
what the hell do you expect. so we have one murder spielberg and now this monster.the message is going out that the helpers of the perverts are also being targeted.
i am very happy that i am on the side of the children.again i am not haradi or not even very religious and we have many here of all sorts.its only about the children. - RUTH COHEN

Ruth Cohen is a vicious nutbag. She persuaded a few other women to, less frenetically, join her movement to rid Nachalot of scumbags and they succeeded in turning a nice neighborhood dysfunctional:

What is interesting is that most everyone that is commenting seems to believe that there IS a Nachlaot Pedophile ring. I am an ex resident of Nachlaot and there is a good percentage of the people who live there in the Religious area or who have moved away that believe that there is no Pedophile Ring. Abuse yes but not necessarily by the people accused. The community is split between a group of 3 families that started all these stories, and their followers who believed the stories that were told to them, and the rest of the community who knows that most of these stories are false or doubt greatly that they are all true.
Then you have the activists that get all their information second hand and have gone on a rampage to 'get the Pedophiles' who are responsible for most of the misinformation. They claim that Spielberg was murdered and was evil to the core. The only way they could claim such a thing is if they murdered him themselves or know who did it. They present themselves like they actually knew him personally which is very doubtful. I knew him personally and he was not evil or a child molester. Go ask 3/4 of the neighborhood.

       But Ruth has a rational reply:

if the gur group are involved in this why dont they go and deal with the nasty mondrowitz who lives 2 minutes away from vorst. he is the spiritual head of all the perverts. and he is convicted of his crimes and boys killed themselves because of him.oh yes he is gur and gets protected.
vorst is a monster. stop pretending she is a sweet little old lady those who have never met her have no clue. she is a cold cold hearless monster.
again the police and law are not doing anything to stop them.
anyone who wants to live in a play play world where things work and everyone is happy susie sunshine should understand this. your lies are on the heads of babies and little ones that you should be protecting not the monsters hurting them you should be ashamed of yourselves defending a woman that a number of people here are telling you is a monster.why dont you listen. come here and see for yourself the true situation. as i told the police when they came out to help the perverts, i will take you on a tour in the area to the houses of the perverts anytime day or night.the tv took me up on the offer and came with me to see how close we are one to each other.
i am not on drugs and only want to save the children. and they need to be saved from the vicious wicked evil monsters roaming around outside our homes looking for more babies to rape. shame on all who doubt the truth. this is all true. you dont like it the children dont like being tortured and raped dare you minimise their pain
Posted by: ruth |

Now, I could say I have a clue to solving Yochanan Spielberg's murder. Vorst's assault bears remarkable similarities to the Spielberg murder, including cuffing the hands. Infiltrate the Modesty Patrol. Make arrests, make people crack. The police will be guilty of obvious coverup until they take on a more obviously needed investigation.
And you ask, was Ruth Cohen mixed up in the murder or assault? Certainly after the fact, but look closely at this film:

Though not stated by name, Ruth is harassing an American, humiliating and accusing him wherever he goes. Be patient with the Hebrew and wait until Ruth and the suspect break out into English. Ruth celebrates the dreadful murder of Yochanan Spielberg and the accused denies all charges against him. What is not done justifies, in part, Ruth's case. The accused does not file a police complaint against Ruth Cohen for criminal harassment nor seek a restraining order from the court.
Now why not?


For more on the case:


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