by Barry Chamish

Not two months ago, the head of military intelligence for the IDF, Aviv Kochavi felt he had to tell the public a painful truth. Israel's enemies, presumably not Egypt or Jordan, had 200,000 missiles aimed at everywhere in the country. In the next war, unlike the disastrous war of ' 06 which saw literally, the entire north driven south by the missiles, this time there would be nowhere to run. Kochavi may have let the cat out of the bag but the entire General Staff knows the stats that conclude Israel is a goner. So scared is this settler-less staff that less than a month before, they let Hamas rain over 300 rockets in 4 days from Rishon Letzion east to Beersheva. The army, overwhelmed with fear that any retaliation might spark a full scale war it would lose, sat on its hands comatose.

There is a threat that Israel has let its enemies know that, so far, has kept the next war in check. In Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and Iran, they have decided not to order the missile war ignited because Israel has threatened a kamikaze nuclear ending. Any rational person knows that Damascus cannot be destroyed by an Israeli nuke. It would be the same as nuking yourself. Located just 10 miles from the Golan Heights, if you destroy Damascus, and no matter which way the wind was blowing, the Golan and upper Galilee would be irradiated within minutes. The same goes for Sidon, Tyre, and Gaza. If you start the next war, we will lose, but you're going down with us. We will nuke you to oblivion, so don't do anything stupid.

This is not the first time Israel threatened itself and its neighbors with instant annihilation. In 1973, after Defence Minister Moshe Dayan made a secret deal with his American counterpart, Henry Kissinger to give the Arab armies an unprepared, unmobilized Israel, the diplomacy backfired and Israel was on the verge of being overrun. Realizing the price of his own treachery, Dayan ordered the nuclear missiles readied for a doomsday scenario. The Syrians understood the threat and did not take over the Galilee when the path was open for its army. It claimed it overran supply lines, quite a trick over the 2 hour long Golan Heights, and parked its troops by the upper Jordan River.

Back then, the Assad regime would have been very upset to see Damascus turned to rubble. Today, with the same Assad gang teetering on the precipice of a coup, who knows? If they go, then all of Syria goes with them. Israel's kamikaze endtimes scenario may not be anything but a helpful tool to let the Alawites go in a burst of glory. All it will take is firing the over 100,000 missiles it has aimed at Israel to get the party going. And Assad has threatened to do just this. Soonafter, we will discover if the Shi'tes of the suicide bombers really believe they get the everlasting rewards with which they brainwashed their recruits.

The General Staff knows that losing the next war will end in a Holocaust, much quicker but just as sadistic, as Arabs hunt down and murder the surviving and often huddled and befuddled, Jews. If anyone does survive this orgy of butchery, they will be shipped out of Israel. To hold back this inevitability, the General Staff voted to give Tel Aviv an overpriced anti-missile system, the Iron Dome. It can handle a few dozen missiles at $100,000 a pop 85% of the time. It would be close to useless protecting Tel Aviv from the tens of thousands of missiles expected in the next and final war. Nobody was fooled into a sense of security by the IDF spokesman who said, "The Iron Dome system is in the process of operational reception. (Huh, what's dat?-BC) Currently, the system is positioned in the greater Tel Aviv are as part of the operational plan."

Well, heck, if it's part of the operational plan, then nothing to worry about. We won't live like our terrorized neighbors fifteen miles to the south with their stress trauma disorders, and their crazy kids gone nuts with the fear that the next second could be their last. Not when we're part of the operational plan, and the IDF is planning a major portion of its energy to the vital task of removing Jews from their homes in Migron.

It's final now, Israel is heading into civil war. This is the last straw for the settlers who watched the IDF bulldoze Gaza and leave the Jews without money or a place to live. Israeli broadcaster Tamar Yonah was my guest recently and she boasted that the settlers provide the most officers proportionally to the IDF, and her son is one such officer, always ready to defend his nation. I lost my suave objectivity. "Are you nuts," I calmly observed? "Your son's army and, maybe even he, are bulldozing your neighbors and terrorizing Jews. Your son's duty is to refuse all orders until the 'evacuations' are stopped."

In its final depraved act in the final days of Israel, the Supreme Court ordered the IDF to bulldoze Migron, necessitating retraining the army to dump Jews on the street, bulldoze their houses, and escape the thousands of Jews seeking violent revenge. The Supreme Court jackass President, one Asher Grunis, may he be the first tortured then murdered in the upcoming violence, most likely by Arabs but who knows, maybe a Jew will get there first, noted in his ruling: "Migron residents may harbor justified resentment against the state and its authorities."

Then he cites his predecessor Dorit Beinish, who in 2007 accepted $20m from the Ford Foundation to hand around to far left, pro-Arab organizations which would normally not exist. "We can only wish that the residents of the outpost will come to their senses and agree to accept their duty not to appear as lawbreakers, and that they will settle any other site that the state
deems it to allow them." Or translated from the original arrogant, just pick up and move and quit complaining.

I know the IDF's plans for Migron and I'll watch them do their psychotricks from a distance this time. While the country's enemies get more and more ready for the final confrontation with Israel, and with the IDF's general staff knowing that it has no options but the final option left, it will obey the Supreme Court and plan an all-out war against the settlers. Get a lot smarter after you read my book:

Bye Bye Gaza

The system of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) more or less worked because the Americans and Soviets didn't want their countries blown back to the Stone Age. In the dynamics of today's Middle East, Israel's kamikaze threat is working, badly, for now. I am sending this out just before the Passover, 2012. If the missile war could only be fought against Israel's leaders, then good riddance. But the naive, unbelieving, Israeli people are in for the Holocaust of their lives if they don't smarten up, possibly, in the nick of time.
Happy Holiday Everyone.




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