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A Christmas military reunion brought forth some information of great interest, this document has been created by several top experts in their various fields.

President Roosevelt in 1942 instigated the creation of the OSS, his old classmate "Wild Bill" Donovan was appointed head and given special powers against Germany for the war only, and at the wars end it was dissolved.

The forerunner to the CIA much of its documents such as much Operation paperclip material was destroyed, but 1721 pages of original unredacted material remain on CD Rom just on Adolf Hitler, this was assesments on his psychological profile, family history his physical and mental wounds from W W 1 his education, writings and paintings and most importantly his political ambitions, much other material in its original form as written on typewriters is kept in the closed section, but portions of this were sent by Socialist traitors and survive in Soviet GRU archives, Constantin Volkov was murdered before this could be passed to Britian, but Russian family hearsay on what it contained is very illuminating and helped to fill in all the gaps.

A 281 page volume which bears the signature of Walter Langer is on Hitlers psychological profile, and Prof. Henry Murray of the Harvard Psychology clinic, Dr. Ernest Kris of the New School for Social Research and Dr. Bertram Lewin of the New york Psychoanalytic Inst, were interspersed with actual statements from many people who knew Hitler so that total knowledge of Hitler from before his education to an assessment of what he wanted to do on the world stage, this was supplemented with a secret 4 year intensive study by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, from all this we know that Vernon Kell reputedly the worlds best intel chief insisted that Hitler was a threat to Russia and not Britian, and this was the reason why Churchill had him retired off and murdered, and the Naval intel Chief Admiral Barry Domville among others imprisoned for the duration of W.W.II without trial.

We also know that the following propaganda stories -
* that Hitler wanted to rule the world,
* he was genitally malformed,
* he was mad,
* was Rothschilds illegitemate son,
*was surrounded by homosexuals
* and father to Angela Merkel are total bullsh*t, and in fact there is not one mention anywhere in any OSS archives of what is called the Holocaust, and multi-source material largely approved by walter Langer suggests that the Holocaust was an OSS propaganda invention, as was much of the German war crimes mentioned at Nuremberg.

Mentions of Hitler goes until 1955 with a single mention of 1959, now all FOI requests for Operation paperclip/Adolf Hitler have been refused or ignored, so did he survive the Berlin Holocaust ? both Britian and the USA had no intell into Russia only Germany had that so we had to hire German scientists and military for the Cold War in Operation paperclip , we need to know more here.

Bishop Williamson has used the closed underground Vatican archives, with its reports from inside the German camps, with detailing from priests and informers including a brilliant statement with photos from a Dutch camp food supplier with photos, which was why he had to be shut up at any cost from speaking out.

Massive Russian GRU and OGPU files exist in Derzhinsky Square that duplicate much of this, along with with 400 tons of superb archive material held at the Rothschilds Waddecombe manor, this includes numbered signed photos of lorry loads of dead starved refugees and bunt bodies from Dresden being taken to the camps to be photographed as gassed as burnt Jews.

Iran at its recent Holocaust conference obtained a briefcase full of secret papers from the Simon Wiesenthal centre, this and intercepted telephone traffic going back a long way, show they claim, fabricated evidence, hate and racist stories written just for the press, evidence that the Centre was stealing money from its financial benefactors, hounding W W II German nationals to this very day and worst of all, they know that the Holocaust as we are told never happened, but was a story fabricated to explain the fire bombing of German dormitory towns, bombing of refugee columns, and this sinking hospital ship the Wilhelm Gustoff with its 10, 000 wounded civilians and refugees, this is the greatest loss in naval history and a terrible war crime, and is still listed as a military secret.

This info on the Holocaust is about to be used by Iran as blackmail for Israel to stop its aggression in the occupied territories and stop egging on the USA to attack Iran and Syria, the knock on effect that the Jewish Holocaust is in fact a hoax, would ricochet back on the USA financially backing israel with huge sums and military hardware, allowing their bankers to steal money and also affect the Hollywood film industry, this would cancel any sympathy for Israels wars and most of all isolate Israel for all its lies and hatred to Christians and Muslims over the centuries.


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