In 2005 the International Olympic Committee in Singapore gave the 2012 games to London, accusations of bribery and corruption began immediately and it looks suspiciously as if the games were won with dirty tricks, this meant that the staged celebratory pictures were cut short, and costs so far are over 3 times that estimated by the Tony Blair regime and still mounting.

By 2007 infrastructure costs alone were re-evalued up to £9.37 billion, Londoners generally still remember "Tonies Dome" the Peter Mandelson naff Millenium Dome event which lost £790 million, London mayor Boris Johnson said semi jokingly, "we could have had another war for this "The Millenium Dome was designed to usher in changes to the way people see things to distort mental images and re programme them for NWO Multicuturalism and homosexuality.

Whole long established communities had to be removed from East London, family business's destroyed and homes demolished for an unwanted white elephant project with a shelf life of a couple of weeks, and while British construction workers sat on unemployment lists, our own government brought in foreign workers to build the monstrosity in an open exhibition of hatred and racism against its own people that were fighting illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for it.

I know this area well as i have walked my dogs here for many years, and i know 20% of the adults in the Thames Gateway area have no qualifications, and 50% of children have no one in their homes at work, the apprenticeship system was done away with solely as an excuse to bring in more foreign workers.

National figures show 180 British old people die of hyperthermia and starvation each day through the average winter, this winter is expected to be harsher and longer than in recent years and projected figures are now expected to top 200 per day, yet the government would rather spend money on an event steeped in corruption racism and jingoism, the badge of the games is "ZION" this tells you who the NWO people really are.

Those in the public eye who refused to support the games were targetted by the Murdoch press for telphone and mail intercepts in dirt gathering exercises, the Murdoch press and the BBC push sport especially football on the main news in large dumbing down exercises, and the public are like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed on sh*t runs the saying.

All voting papers are secretly numbered and the authorities know who you vote for, and before the games begin, provision exists to arrest without charge anyone who has voted for non central controlled parties under the prevention of terrorism act, similar to what was done in W W II.

London transport has said it will not cope as the underground is said to find it difficult already with work commuters and tourists, the extra people expected for the games has already brought in many changes at great expense, Police numbers have been heavily reduced in recent times and many crimes are going unreported or shuffled into lesser categories, and the Metropolitan police are already complaining of funding and manpower shortages in the lead up to the games.

Crime in the olympic area is 20% higher than other London Areas ( 2007 figures from British Crime Survey)and large numbers of foreign pickpockets and prostitutes are expected to mingle with Olympic staff and in the crowds, the 2,800 new apartments are expected to be a hot target for thieves and mugging gangs, biggest problem is said to be the travel arrangements for those coming in and out of the capital this presents a nightmare scenario for security, and many of the people who live in the area will make sure they are away during the Olympic event, the Glastonbury festival has been cancelled for 2012 where many were expected to go and hide out.

M I 5 have long been arranging for any terror alerts, and some home grown activist may well be primed for some false flag attack which will of course be found out just in time.

Ticket allocations have been a farce, people wanting to see certain events were refused and were told send in your money and we will decide what you can see, because ticket sales have been so poor, Lakshmi Mittal and other celebrities have been sent handfuls of freebies, so they can be seen and photographed as taking part.

A huge PR exercise has been underway to welcome in the foreign workers, and a big campagn claiming that the British are a bastard race of all different peoples going back to the Roman times, but this is not true, if you ask any geneologist who traces back families they will tell you that very few people prior to W W Ii have foreign input into their families, its only since W W II that this has occurred, the government tells us crap like this to encourage multiculturalism, and this is the real meaning of the games, to get British people to roll over and allow others to take over what remains of Britian, The New World Order is here and it has sold you out and means to destroy you.
Sgt K Field


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