NAFTALI BENNETT – Zicharon L’Brecha (R.I.P)

NAFTALI BENNETT - Zicharon L'Brecha (R.I.P)
by Barry Chamish

Netanyahu wins the Israeli election, a given. But according to the polls, second place is a draw between, supposedly Netanyahu's nemesis, the Labor Party, and his supposed ideological natural partner, Habayit Hayehudi or Jewish Home Party led by a newcomer from America, Naftali Bennett. As anyone who understands Netanyahu will suppose, as usual, he will make a coalition with Labor. And as anyone who understands how the system works will tell you, Naftali Bennett better hope he does. It's his best hope for survival.
    As Bennett rose from the wilderness a few months ago, a few of my readers had grave suspicions of him. Those who know my work will recognize their off-the-beaten-track concerns:

What's your opinion of Bennett?
Is he a genuine right-winger with a veneer of honesty?
Will they take him out in New York next week like they took out Kahane?
Or is he yet another CFR-NWO-Shabbatean Raviv-lite operative sent to infiltrate the right?!

This appearance on CNN from the first days of the latest 'cycle of violence' made many Israelis proud of Bennett's appearance here 'against' the Arabs. But what they did not know was that it was not someone supporting the Palestinian side but a representative of the CFR, explicitly spelled out on the screen, and that is when I understood that we were not going to be allowed to win this latest 'cycle of violence'. Bennett has no idea who he is talking to when this sr fellow talks about 'not in Israel's interests' .

But let's not jump beyond the borders of Israel to get to know Bennett. Here is how sympathetic Israeli journalists are covering him:

Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett commented Wednesday morning on reports
that the White House is deeply concerned about growing support for his
party, which represents very nationalist interests, and is worried about the
potential sway he may have in dealing with issues such as construction in
Judea and Samaria and negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

The U.S. is particularly concerned over the growing
strength of the proudly nationalist Habayit Hayehudi (The Jewish Home) in
the polls and over the fact that there is hardly talk about negotiations
with the Palestinian Authority as part of the election campaign.
The U.S. is concerned, according to Channel 10, that Bennett's strengthening
will cause Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in turn, to strengthen the
Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

From a candidate in Bennett's party:

Polls show that if only those under the age of 35 would be able to vote, The Bayit Yehudi would be the largest party in the country and Naftali Bennett would be Prime Minister!
Something new really is beginning here - this is the first time I can remember that it is �cool� to be a proud Zionist.

Even from outside Israel, Benett is getting some notice;

The rise of Naftali Bennett of the Jewish Home Party in the polls is,
however, a major news item...The London based The
Independent (January 2, 2013) pointed out that Bennett, who has never
held office before "has shaken up the campaign to such an extent that
Prime Minister Netanyahu has gone on the offensive against Bennett."

In a recent television interview, Bennett remarked that as a soldier
he would not obey orders to evacuate settlers from their homes.
Netanyahu pounced on this and Bennett qualified his initial
statement. But the extraordinary exposure he achieved only
strengthened his support. And, in an interview with the Associated
Press, Bennett stated, "My positions are very clear: I never hide the
fact that I categorically oppose a Palestinian state inside our

With a slate that includes many young newcomers, Bennett launched an
extraordinary campaign, which, according to a recent poll, propelled
the party to possibly gaining 15 seats, an incredible achievement.
The bulk of his supporters are under forty and many are nonobservant...
the prospect of 15 seats is nothing less than historical in scope for this truly
idealistic party dedicated to the love of the land of Israel, the
People of Israel, and the Torah of Israel.

Politicians who are idealistic enough to love the land of Israel don't live long. When Bennett started mouthing off about being an IDF officer who would refuse to evict Jews from their homes, he was suddenly widely noticed. To some, that was treason talk. But to many others, that was what they thought and now they had a voice expressing their deepest patriotic feelings. And one of my readers informed me that either Bennett will change drastically once in power, or go on a hit list. Though a mixture of personalities, here is the hit list he compiled:

This list of assassinations/suspicious deaths involving Israel was written in 2004.
Are there any other names of note that you think that should be added to the list?
Jacob de Haan
Chaim Arlosoroff
Lord Moyne
Folke Bernadotte
Rudolf Kasztner
Ben Hecht
General David "Dudu" Elazar,
Michael Albin
Rabbi Meir Kahane
Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane
General Yekutiel "Kuti" Adam,
Gerald Bull
Major-General Shmuel "Gorodish" Gonen,
Major-General Nechemia Tamari
General Raful Eitan
Amiram Nir
Yedidiah Segal
David Frank
Noach Moses
Robert Maxwell
Ester Werderber
General Mordechai "Motti" Gur,
Jerusalem deputy-mayor Shmuel Meir
the 5 engineers responsible for the safety of IDF "Yasur" helicopters
Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
Yoav Kuriel
Professor Aryeh Rosen Zvi
Ambassador to France Eliyahu ben Elissar
MK Benny Begin's son Yonatan
MK Rehavam "Gandhi" Ze'evi
Irv Rubin
Wayne Owens

We conclude with a warning to Bennett. Currently, it would appear, you have no idea how thin is the ice you are standing on. You may deny you have anything in common with "radicals" like Meir Kahane or Rehavam Ze'evi. But you do.

...Like a bear who has tasted human blood, Israeli police would start hunting the right.
Israeli services killed Meir and Binyamin Kahane, and Gandhi. They cooperated
with Arab militants to do the job, and also with the mullahs in the Iran-Contras
affair, and with the Pakistani military. Bin Laden similarly accused Israel of
assassinating Azzam with the help of Arab agents. Facts tying Israelis to Sept.
11 could not be just dismissed. Kahane's assassin organized the WTC bombing in
1993. Guards, not Yigal Amir, assassinated Rabin; clear video was censored.
Rabin, his popularity dwindling, was purposefully killed in an extraordinary
attempt to accuse the right and reassert the power of the leftists, all the
while turning Rabin-the-scum into a martyr of peace. Baruch Goldstein, a lone
shooter with three magazines, could not have killed 29 people and wounded 150;
soldiers testified that they had to shoot at the crowd, and later recanted their
testimonies; a weapons cache was found in the mosque, but was never
investigated. They fabricated the case to accuse the right and ban Kach...

The standard question, �cui bono?� answers the question of who killed
Kahane. Arabs had no reason to kill him because Kahane was a scarecrow, scaring
the Israeli and Western public so that the right-wingers could be demonized.
Kahane was barred from the Knesset and posed no threat to Israeli Arabs. He did
pose a huge threat to the Israeli establishment...

The murders of Meir Kahane, his son Binyamin, and JDL members are too much of a
coincidence. Add to these the framing of Baruch Goldstein, who supposedly killed
and wounded more Arabs in the Cave of the Patriarchs shooting than there were
bullets in his cartridge. Soldiers testified they had to shoot to stop a rioting
Arab mob�which was in line with Israeli intelligence, which expected pogroms
on that day in Hebron�but the soldiers were forced to retract their
testimonies. The Israeli government used the Goldstein hoax to ban Kahane�s

The story doesn�t stop with the official Kahanists. An Israeli group of Oslo
promulgators had every reason to murder Rehavam Ze�evi, who firmly confronted Shimon
Peres. Israeli security had no problem asking PFLP to take credit for
Ze�evi�s murder... Shimon Peres brought Arafat back to Palestine as a puppet for a peace
show. Arafat sometimes protested that it was Israel who staged �terrorist attacks,� which
of course were counterproductive to the Palestinian cause, but he was dismissed
as a liar.

To those who asked, yes, I think he's sincere, for now. But he has entered a political mafia Hell that is much bigger, stronger and more vicious than he or his followers want to understand. He changes or he dies.



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I already read Stinger.  It is fabulous.
Started the first chapter of Stinger and couldn't put it down.  Well done, even though it is so depressing to realize Israel's leaders are at least as corrupt as our own.
Just a sincere 'thank you' for the book-I am reading it. Wish my buddy who's an assistant prof. at Wake Forest would read your book.  He won't because he is too timid on dealing with evil/adversity-maybe someday!
I purchased it from Lulu, received it and am nearly halfway through your most alarming analysis. If I did not believe that the Lord Almighty was, is, and always will be the King, I would be really frightened. Thank you for your labours and courage to continue.
It is the truth that is alarming! That apparently �good� political leaders can willfully deceive the public; as you with such reliable evidence have shown they do. And how can so many  go on believing their lies?
Excellent, and, as usual, very well documented! You are one of the few who understand the danger that Israel has inflicted upon itself.
Have already read the first 35 pages.....and it is riveting!!!!!!  ALL peoples need to read this book!  Your writing is brilliant!

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Shalom Barry !
Just watched Clear & Present Evil. Tremendous !
I THOUGHT that I understood ...
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Thank you, Mr. Chamish: I did indeed watch the "Clear and Present Evil" DVD the minute it arrived. Loved it very much and have shared with friends. will savor the bonus DVD of your own presentation later this week.

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